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About Jacqueline

Born in England. Lived in Baltimore since 1976. Learned photography at the College of Notre Dame.


Autumn leaves in Profile. This series was initially inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's simple drawings of leaves on stems. The first image of honeysuckle, where I have accentuated the outlines and de-emphasized detail, reflects this influence. However, my models soon began to insist on expressing personality and flaunting their autumn rags with elegance and flair. They seem to be telling me that they may be tattered and fragile, and a hard frost is coming, but they can still put on a good show.

Urban Geometry

I like to photograph things that we see  everyday but don't usually pay attention to.  That includes the dizzying array of grids and patterns created on clear, sunny days by the shadows on  piled up buildings in our major cities.
In some ways this series is a departure for me, but as always it is about light ,line, colour — the glories of our visible world.

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