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Pedro, Saint Francis, and the Angel: this story
won second place for the Dana Literary Fiction Award 2015.

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Baltimore City

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My fiction has appeared in the North Atlantic Review, Green Mountain Review, and the Worcester Review. My story "Pedro, Saint Francis, and the Angel" won second place for the Dana Literary award for 2015. I have won grants from the Maryland State Arts Council for fiction and for screenwriting. Currently I am working on a new novel, "Kingtown", about organized crime in Baltimore City. 

Story Collection /The Light Bearers

My short story collection was a finalist for the Serena Mcdonald Kennedy Award. Four of the stories won a
Md Arts Council grant for fiction. 

The Light Bearers was published in Green Mountain Review. The Arrival was published in The Worcester Review.
Young Woman Trying to Sleep was published in the North Atlantic Review.
"Pedro, Saint Francis, and the Angel" won second place for the Dana Literary Award 2015. "The Tall Blonde" was a
finalist in Glimmer Train's New Writer's award 2007. "Losing Chloe" was a finalist in The New Letters Fiction Award 2004.

I am self taught, have never attended college or taken any writing classes. Some of these stories are based on dreams
I've had or characters who just sort of take over my mind and kindle my imagination.

Tracking Dylan

An earlier draft of Tracking Dylan won a Md State Arts Council grant. I have since redrafted the script several
times, and this script is the result. Ultimately I would like to direct the film myself, and I am currently trying to raise the funds to do so.

The Eyes

The Eyes is a novel of mine which placed in the top ten for  the 2008 Dana Literary Award for a Portfolio- inlcuding the
first 50 pages of The Eyes novel, as well as two of my short stories (included in my first collection The Light
Bearers): You Can Call Me Mo, and The Tall Blonde. 

Baltimore Yoga

Baltimore Yoga is a novel I completed last year. It explores four generations of the Williams family whose members all grapple with drug addictions, mainly heroin. Tabitha Williams, sixteen years old, already an opiate addict for three years, tracks down her crack addicted grandmother in hopes of finding out what secret demons fuel her family's  self destructive obsession with narcotics.

Three of my own siblings have died due to drug addictions. This novel is an attempt  for me to try and understand why.

The Mystic Railroad

The Mystic Railroad is a novel completed over the past few years. The voice of the protagonist, Sidney (no last name), came to me in  a sort of trance like state early one morning.  His voice was so compelling to me that I knew I had to tell his story. 

In the Mystic Railroad, Sidney, 16 years old, hops trains, guided by visions which direct him to folks in need. He possesses numerous paranormal gifts which aid him in righting wrongs and fighting injustice. And, along the way, this mysterious boy falls in love for the first time. The Mystic Railroad is my first attempt at writing a Young Adult novel. 

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