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Rara Avis

Icons, Culture, Western Civilization, Europe, America, Science.
Surreal synopsis of individuals and elements contributing to Western Civilization.


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Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

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Self taught artist/painter/tattooist/musician/writer currently residing in Baltimore City. Works include illustration, painting, portraiture, murals, cartooning, design. Abbreviated bio on website. Tattooed professionally for 32 years.



  • Coral Dawn

    future, past, nirvana, valhallah, heaven, autumn, fall, October, afterlife
    A more beautiful reality, the way our Earth once was, may still be in some sequestered location, and hopefully be again, in some far distant future once restored from humanity's ravages.
  • Lightning Goddess

    Goddess, Female Principle, Woman, Deity.
    Image of Goddess to occupy the void of this figure, conspicuously absent from current iconography.
  • Crystal Train

    Soul transport, crystal train, locomotive, surreal, dream
    Rendition of a beautiful dream. Locomotive so fast and powerful, it appears to be moving in slow motion.
  • Tattooed Goddess

    tattoo, woman
    Surreal figure admiring her recently acquired adornment.
  • Spirit

    Spirit, entity, dimension shifter
    Special entity who appears in mythology of various cultures.
  • Ironhead

    Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, Ironhead
    The engine of my motorcycle.
  • Waves

    Betta, ocean, waves, sea, marine
    Little fish spiriting through dramatic waves.
  • Harpist

    Harpist, music, ethereal, transformation
    Harpist playing under the full moon.
  • Clean Heart

    zeitgeist, slice o' life, surrealism, mystery, archaic tales
    Zeitgeist drop-in that commandeered my sketch pad. What does it mean? You tell me.

Rara Avis

Surreal synopsis of individuals, events and elements shaping Western Civilization.

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