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About Jacintho

I am an artist and educator living in Baltimore, MD. I have a BFA in Painting and Printmaking and an MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts. These days, I am working on oil and acrylic paintings on wood and large scale ink drawings on paper, most of which focus heavily on dreams and the dark symbolic imagery of the unconscious.

The Garden Series (paint)

The Garden Series is a meditation on the Goddess. Much of the work deals with feminine power, sexuality and the need to bring the elements of life into balance.

The World (paint)

The World is a meditation on what is perceived and experienced.

Cosmic Night (ink)

"The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret
recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night..." -- Carl Jung

How one arrives at the source is always a mystery. As an artist, I exalt the creative act as a means for departure. Always, I look to transcend the ordinary. Alone with a work, creating, I am able to compress and elongate time. Within this space the image appears (and it is within the image that the eternal moment is possible). It is an act of alchemy to pull images out of the fantastical hat of the imagination. Often, the first images that come have their own particular sensibility or kind of honesty. I interpret these images in the same way I interpret dreams in order to push the image to it's fullest potential.

This ability to be sensitive to the needs of the image, means that I escape my personal self in order to cultivate an aesthetic. Even the characters I construct are looking beyond themselves. They attempt to inhabit a feeling or a dream, to get inside some hidden reality. It may be a matter of the heart, a matter of philosophy, a matter of lust or identity, but even they appear to be searching and like all of us they contemplate the complexity of an inner life.

Like most artist who are concerned with the human figure, I work to maintain the vulnerability of the image. As an artist I look to dreams, to history and to the physical world for symbolic significance. I hope this will resonate with my viewer and allow us to inhabit a unified space.

Ambient Music (ink)

Like all my other works, this collection deals with contemplative space, interior dialogues and a symphony of moods. I have several more images in progress that are not yet finished. When hung together, they should speak to each other. Here is a sample of the work.

  • The Flame

    black and color ink on paper
  • Background

    black and color ink with watercolor on paper immersed in water and pressed dry
  • Exotic Dance

    black and color ink on paper immersed in water and pressed dry
  • Conflict

    ink, watercolor, gouache, prisma markers, submerged in water and pressed dry
  • The Invisible

    watercolor, black and color ink, then submerged in water and pressed dry

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