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  • Intuitive Minds United - Cotton Candy Skies Music Video
    Single from 2022. Here’s a country IMU song.
  • Intuitive Minds United - Pacific State of Mind
    Pacific State of Mind is a Hip Hop inspired with pop Collaboration inspired by the new trendy music artists that run the pop mainstream. The song is based around the mind state one can receive while driving along the Pacific west coast. With courage, determination, focus on the dream goals and putting action toward it and not stopping until its accomplished.
  • Intuitive Minds United - Official LIVE Recording of "Never Say Never"
    This is our first official LIVE music video that we are releasing in 2017. The song "Never Say Never" is off of our recently released album 'Live it, Love it, Rock it'. We recorded at Millstone Cellers in Northern Baltimore County back in Novemeber 2016, with some of our closest friends, family and die heart fans. The music was recorded Live by the band using a multi track digital mixer and recording gear we borrowed from a friend. Moon Light Drive Productions filmed and edited the music video. The locations in the video are shot from some of our favorite local areas in Baltimore County. Oregan Ridge, Pretty Boy Dam Bridge, and Millstone Cellars.
  • Intuitive Minds United - Platinum Dreams Lyric Video
    Single 2022 when your life is a reminder of your successes. Remember where you come from. And where your going. Hip hop rock

About IntuitiveMinds

Baltimore County
Singer/Songwriters, music compossers, all music is eclectic, acoustic and original, we also performs covers with our authentic style. Influenced by a wide range of music from all over the world, we resinante most with the Reggae/Rock genre.
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We are IMU

Intuitive Minds United 
  • 2016 Metro Gallery Baltimore
    2016 Metro Gallery Baltimore
    Picture of us performing live at Metro Gallery.
  • Positive Vibes by IMU Intuitive Minds United
    This is a recording sent to us from a fans phone, from the sound off live contest we enter and made it in to the line up. Here we performed an IMU original at the Hard Rock Cafe in March 2016. Sitting in on the drums is Aaron, a good friend of the band, a gospel drummer from several local churches in Baltimore City and DC surrounding areas. IMU is also known to join Aaron with his church band at Greater Life Ministries.
  • Sunshine cover
    Matisyahu contest 2012 or 2013 where we covered his song sunshine. We both were sick but we still went ahead with the contest and submitted a recording with no edits and very little practices.