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4k angels 5min Timedisplace Echo PrecompWEB

Reaching out to my higher power I was given tools to work with. I tried to cut with the grain. Allowing my higher power space to inhabit the work, I created a process much like a digital seance. I put the process over the course of a week or so so and used it, in real time, to construct a work that could support the whole world I created for the project, a work that could be used to explain to others what is possible. The process can happen quickly, quickly, quickly. This process was then used to help design something more useful for my life.

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 9.41.52 PM.png

Still frame from

macaronivsnewshit insta STILLS featurespeedtest

1 minute excerpt from a 90 minute long abstract animation

macaronivsnewshit insta feature.0026882.jpg

still frame from 90 minute animation


About Ian

Baltimore City

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Ian Wilmoth is an American artist born in 1976. A RISD graduate, Ian is a pioneer of 3d animation using consumer hardware.  Inspired by grafitti and urban decay, I explore creating chaos and magic out of the sterile imaginary world of digital art.

angels intricate wiring

Reaching out to the higher power by Experimenting with AI Generation as a tool for traditional animation. Free Stable Diffusion used to make images, and animated with After Effects. Prompt for the AI was simply: intricate_wiring_god_photoreal_angel_1000 Music:

feature length abstract animation

My AI has better temporal coherence than yours. At least that's the story I tell people in reality this animation is handcrafted by "traditional" CGI techniques developed for the film industry ...  the AI is used only to generate in between frames. Intended to loop in a museum or gallery setting, this is a feature length section, but the animation could keep being generated to an infinite length without ever repeating. Perhaps some day it will be able to just generate in realtime but for now it takes significantly longer to render this out than to play it back. Inspired by grafitti and urban decay, I explore creating chaos and magic out of the sterile imaginary world of digital art.

plaster shinycloth

exploring styles native to the digital realm. Excerpts from a series of 365 daily images in which the aesthetic evolved in perceptibly from image to image but eventually wound up looking totally different than how it started. 3d and 2d digital media.