Work samples

  • Super City - Getouttahere
  • Synthesizer piece - Cortez
    A saccharine synthesizer piece written originally for a film score that quickly transformed into something of its own. Written in the back of the van on tour with BODEGA on the west coast in the summer of summer of 2022.
  • Guitar Quintet - Time to Let Go
    One of the pieces for the Dan Ryan Guitar Quintet, which made its debut in the summer of 2023. This piece would be one of the more traditional-sounding of the set if not for the manner in which it is played - on four Ebows, which magnetically vibrate the guitar strings to give it a violin-like sound. The piece comes from a time of loss and change and the writing of which was an unwitting attempt to heal and make sense of it.
  • Talking Points - Leonard III
    The third movement of the Leonard suite. Recorded by Talking Points + a brass quartet + a string quartet. All written by Dan Ryan, Leonard is a theme and variations guided through three very different movements. The first movement is an exciting and restless modern jazz piece featuring solos from Dan Ryan, Savino Palumbo, Derrick Michaels, and Alex Weber. The second movement is a dark and contemplative journey through the depths, one idea interrupting the other until it builds into a fever pitch. The third movement starts with pure chaos until it quickly becomes stripped down to its emotional core.

About Daniel

Baltimore City

Dan Ryan has been a staple in the Baltimore music scene for over a decade.  With an ability on the guitar that can adapt to any musical situation, Ryan has contributed his playing, arranging, and producing to countless Baltimore projects. These projects include Super City, Talking Points, Outcalls, Hundred Dollar Girlfriend, Peachface, Ellen Cherry, Theljon Allen, Mary Prankster, Adjective Animal, Micah E. Wood, Kristen Toedtman, Danah Denice, LEAP, and Darius Christian. As a frontman… more

Super City

Melodic and guitar driven, Super City is known for their hooky pop sound that blends heavy rock elements and danceability, all with band choreography that results in killer live performances. This Baltimore band expertly crafts guitar and synth earworms that thrive on the creative tension between bombastic rock and roll and stylized movements. Their structures and melodies leave no room for a dull track. At times soothing and inviting, at times posturing and timeless, Dan Ryan and Greg Wellham vocally guide this pop band into a new, heavy, and beguiling territory that is both memorable and brash with their new full-length LP ‘In The Midnight Room,’ available everywhere on October 20th via SofaBurn Records.

Super City is Dan Ryan (lead vocals, guitar), Greg Wellham (lead vocals, guitar), Brian Brunsman (bass, vocals), Jon Birkholz (keys, guitar, vocals), and Ian Viera (drums & vocals).

Super City has played with a variety of national acts including Black Pumas, Robert Randolph, Parquet Courts, J Roddy Walston, Bombino, Margaret Glaspy, and many others.

  • Hang Up
  • Greek
  • High
  • Super City Movie: Live at the Ottobar
  • 42 Years
  • Sanctuary
  • Artificial Sin
  • Vulture

Talking Points

A Baltimore jazz quintet striving for compositionally-creative pieces. Comprised of Dan Ryan, Savino Palumbo (piano), Alex Weber (bass), Derrick Michaels(tenor saxohpone), and Mike Kuhl (drums). The music features tight compositions, adventurous solos, and a very high level of musicianship. The quintet came out with two albums in 2016, entitled 'Superposition' and 'Leonard'. 'Superposition' is an album made up of five compositions their audience is used to hearing live, with composers Dan Ryan, Savino Palumbo, and Alex Weber all contributing to the album. 'Leonard' is a three-movement suite written by Dan Ryan that involves Talking Points as well as additional brass and strings. The group has most recently performed at Baltimore Soundstage opening up for acclaimed metal bands Cynic and Atheist. 

  • Talking Points - Leonard I
    The first movement of the 'Leonard' suite features the introduction of all of the main themes that will be heard in the rest of the piece. Multiple complex sections that lead into improvisations by Savino Palumbo, Dan Ryan, Derrick Michaels, as well as a bass solo by Alex Weber that gracefully leads into the second movement.
  • Talking Points - Leonard II
    The second movement of the 'Leonard' suite is fully through-composed and features a type of counterpoint that takes the listener through dark, abstract zones into rousing, emotional peaks. This is a true ensemble piece as every part of the 13-piece group is featured.
  • Garv
    A Dan Ryan composition. Dark and abstract, 'Garv' takes the listener through mysterious left turns. Originally inspired by Mussorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition'. Features solos from pianist Savino Palumbo, saxophonist Derrick Michaels, and Dan Ryan.
  • Flower Mouth
    A Dan Ryan composition. It starts out as one of the lighter-feeling pieces of the album until it develops into a dissonant and brash composition. Out of the dissonance comes a rhythmic pattern that develops into beautiful chords similar to Philip Glass or Steve Reich minimalism.
  • Unspoken
    A composition by bassist Alex Weber. It finishes the album as the most complex and dark piece, with multiple very dense sections that are either fully-written or improvised. An intense listen.
  • Cartesian Theater
    Composed by pianist Savino Palumbo, this piece features solos from bassist Alex Weber, Palumbo, and drummer Mike Kuhl. This piece could be considered the emotional apex of the album.
  • Whale Wars
    A Savino Palumbo composition, this is a straight-forward rock/metal piece with solos from Dan Ryan and Derrick Michaels. Talking Points' most popular piece.

Dan Ryan Guitar Quintet

A five-piece guitar ensemble featuring compositions by Dan Ryan. The band played their first concert at An Die Musik in the summer of 2023, which heard an hour and fifteen minutes of original guitar music that employs innovative techniques for guitar ensemble. 

  • Time to Let Go

    A guitar ensemble piece that utilizes the Ebow, a device that magnetically vibrates the strings of the guitar without touching them. This piece came from a time of loss and transition.


Dan Ryan has been performing with BODEGA since 2018, playing on the 2022 album Broken Equipment and EP Xtra Equipment. Broken Equipment received praise from NME, Pitchfork,, and many others. Since 2018 Ryan has embarked on 3 national tours as well as 2 extensive European tours, opening for bands like Spoon and The Kills. 

From ————

“‘Bodega’s ace is Baltimore-based guitar maestro Daniel Ryan. “Our secret weapon on this record is Dan,” Hozie says. “This is his first time recording with us, although he’s been in the band a long time, doing a bunch of tours with us from 2019. Lately I’ve been driving down to Baltimore to write with him. I bring him finished songs – the words and structure are done, the chords are there but I don’t know how the guitar should go, and I never know what the guitar will do until I work it out with Dan.” “Dan just has a really great melodic sensibility,” says Hozie. “He’s kind of a guitar virtuoso. It’s amazing to play with someone that good.’”

  • Tarkovski
  • 'No Blade of Grass' at Audiotree
  • 'Thrown' at Audiotree
  • 'Territorial Call of the Female' at Audiotree
  • Pillar on the Bridge of You
  • Statuette on the Console
  • Doers
    The first single off of 'Broken Equipment'.

The Lunar Year

The Lunar Year is a Philly based psych-punk art group led by front-person Katie Hackett.

They have released two albums (Herodias, 2017) (katie bird, 2020) and are finishing a third due out next year.

Hackett has also scored for film, having been featured at the London International Animation Festival, Viet Film Fest, and MAM Festival. Her songs have been featured on podcasts and TV shows including Chris Gethard’s “New Jersey us the World,” and MTV’s Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2

Dan Ryan has been playing with the group for two years, since they performed on Philadelphia's 'Left of the Dial' live in-studio session. They have since gone on to release singles "Don't Kiss Strangers" and "Mist of the Teal Mara", both of which Ryan contributed guitar parts for. In 2023, The Lunar Year played their first Baltimore shows at Metro Baltimore opening for the Adjective Animal album release show, as well as The Crown. 

  • Terror Forming!
  • Don't Kiss Strangers
  • Mrs. Blue Dude
  • Mist of the Teal Mara

$100 Girlfriend

$100 Girlfriend is the project of Baltimore singer/bassist/songwriter Melody Easton. Easton coined the genre "Gloom Pop", which is fitting for the dark nature of the music and lyrics paired with the traditional pop structure. In 2019 the band released the EP 'Easy to Please' along with a music video directed by Dan Ryan for the first single 'Paper'. The trio is comprised of Easton, Dan Ryan (drums), and Jon Birkholz (guitar). 

  • Paper
  • Body/Soul
  • Easy to Please

Adjective Animal

Adjective Animal is the solo project of rhythm section player Jon Birkholz. While spending time playing in a handful of bands around Baltimore, MD, Jon realized that he needed an outlet for music he was writing on his own on a regular basis. The format, like the band name, comes from a standard two guitar bass and drums rock group but the music explores the line between digital and analog. Influenced by electronic music on the one hand and the use of effects on the other, the songs usually start out on drum machine and synths and are then the parts are recreated with live instruments.

Dan Ryan has been performing/recording with Adjective Animal since 2015, and is featured heavily on the three full-length albums 'Escape or Erase', 'America's Got Talons', and the 2023 release 'Every Moment (is) a Portrait'. The most recent album features many Baltimore artists including Melody Easton, Nina Gala, Jarrett Gilgore, Caroline Davis, and Walsh Kunkel. 

  • Everybody Hide
  • Jay
  • Dive Through (feat. Melody Easton)
  • Garage Band (feat. Jarrett Gilgore)
  • Chaos in the Shell (feat. Caroline Davis)
  • Never Not Give You a Ride (feat. Nina Gala)
  • I Happen

Jazz Lunch

The brain child of Dan Ryan and Jon Birkholz, this jazz group got its name from its weekly gig at the now closed Bohemian Coffeehouse. The group featured compositions by Ryan and Birkholz and in 2012 recorded the album 'Housewarming' on Reoccuring Dream Records. The most common lineup included tenor saxophonist Derrick Michaels, alto saxophonist Jarrett Gilgore, bassist Brian Brunsman, and drummer Sam Balcom. The group was also known to do live, improvised film-scoring as part of a series at The Crown. 

  • Workdays
    A Dan Ryan composition that features soloists Eric Trudel, Dan Ryan, Ben Frock, and Jon Birkholz
  • Jarmul
    A Dan Ryan composition that features soloists Jon Birkholz, Eric Trudel, and Brent Madsen.
  • Red Giants
    A Dan Ryan composition that features soloists Eric Trudel and Dan Ryan.

Guitar/synthesizers/production/arranging for more Baltimore artists

Dan Ryan has been contributing to multiple Baltimore projects for a decade and can always be found collaborating and contributing to peoples' recordings. 

  • Theljon Allen
    In 2016 Theljon Allen recorded his ten-track album 'Perspective' at Heartwood Studios in Baltimore. Full of Theljon's mind-bending and powerful compositions. Dan Ryan contributed guitar alongside Joel Mills on keys, Nate Hook on saxophone, Mike Saunders on bass, Lester Wallace Jr. on drums, Dewayne on percussion. 
  • Outcalls - Stay
    Written by Outcalls. Recorded at Wrightway Studios, Dan Ryan wrote and recorded guitar and synthesizer parts for this Outcalls song.
  • Kristen Toedtman - Limbo
    Written by Kristen Toedtman. Dan Ryan contributed guitar on the "Baltimore" half of Kristen Toedtman's 2015 album 'Limbo (Baltimore/Los Angeles)'.
  • Micah E. Wood - Too High
    Written by Micah E. Wood. Dan Ryan wrote and recorded guitar parts for this disco-inspired Micah E. Wood song, which earned heavy rotation on WTMD.
  • Outcalls - Gatekeeper
    Written by Outcalls. Outcalls employed Dan Ryan for string and horn arrangements on the closing track of their album 'Greatest Hits, Vol. 1'.
  • Darius Christian - Fuji
    Written by Darius Christian. Dan Ryan contributed guitars to this track and composed the out-of-left-field outro.
  • Letitia VanSant - Where I'm Bound
    Written by Letitia VanSant. Dan Ryan contributed guitar to two tracks on Letitia VanSant's album 'Gut it to the Studs.'
  • Peach Face - No Windows
    Written by Peach Face. Peach Face and Micah E. Wood employed Dan Ryan to contribute guitar parts to this track off of the Peach Face album 'Dirt'.
  • Outcalls - Call Sometime
    Written by Outcalls. Dan Ryan worked in close collaboration with Outcalls on the production of this ballad. Starting from a guitar part that Melissa Wimbish wrote and a haunting melody, the track transformed into a cinematic and powerful piece of music that features additional guitars and synthesizers written and recorded by Dan Ryan.
  • Outcalls - Keep Falling Over
    Written by Outcalls. Voted the no. 1 song by WTMD 89.7 listeners for the Top 89 Songs of 2018. Dan Ryan wrote guitar parts for the track and recorded with the band at Wrightway Studios.