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Master of Two Worlds.jpg

"Master of Two Worlds" by Hope and Faith ♡ Tonisha Hope & Eleisha Faith McCorkle. 55'’ x 96’', Mixed media collage on self- constructed scroll, 2022.
"Master of Two Worlds", 2022. Window scene manifested with decorative paper, linoleum prints, denim, marker, color pencil handmade flowers, wire, glitter, acrylic paint, charcoal, curtains, keys, and magic on self-constructed canvas scroll, 55” x 96”

Sadie's Home

 "Sadie's Home" by Hope and Faith ♡ Tonisha Hope & Eleisha Faith McCorkle. 6’ x 7’, transformed personal materials on canvas scroll, 2021. Original acquired and owned by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities ♡
"Sadie's Home", 2021. Acrylic paint, vellum, graphite, iridescent cellophane, decorative paper, photo, etching, rice pearls, thyme, lemons, sage, bonnet, felt, ginger snaps bag, sugar, earring, acetate, magnet, grits, jiffy cornbread box, and magic on self-constructed canvas scroll, 72"x 84"

Eno Ama's Legacy.jpeg

"Eno Ama's Legacy" by Hope and Faith ♡  Tonisha Hope & Eleisha Faith McCorkle. 5’ x 6’, Mixed media collage on self- constructed scroll, 2022. Commissioned original piece ♡
"Eno Ama's Legacy", 2022. Kente cloth, acrylic paint, handmade paper, jewelry, Ghanaian Cedis, color pencil, marker, feathers, fabric, and magic on self-constructed scroll. 60” x 72”

%22Remember the Path%22.jpg

Hope and Faith Creations ♡ Tonisha Hope & Eleisha Faith McCorkle- "Remember the Path"
"Remember the Path", 2021. Acrylic, magic, handmade collard greens, crow, grass, cowrie shells, and found feather on self-constructed canvas scroll, 36" x 60"


About Hope and Faith

Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District

Hope and Faith McCorkle's picture
D.C. born, Hyattsville raised twins Eleisha Faith & Tonisha Hope McCorkle (known collectively as “Hope & Faith ♡”)  hold BFA’s from NYU in Studio Art. Formerly enrolled in the Visual and Performing Arts program at the Jim Henson School of Arts, Media, and Communication, the two have been curating, studying, and creating art since they were 13. At 17, the twins lost their mother to the rare lung condition of Sarcoidosis. Since then, the two have used their art as a space of healing,... more

Hope & Faith: HOMECOMING

Hope & Faith: HOMECOMING
2022 - 2023
solo exhibition
Publick Playhouse, Cheverly, MD

After facing their past, themselves, and a ceaseless weathering of storms, HOMECOMING is the story of twin sisters Hope & Faith returning to their Genesis once again, this time bringing back a newfound understanding of the spirit of home. In the procession of this epic, the artists reflect on and revisit the past, drawing inspiration from source and memories of the Hero’s Journey. Through soulful iterations, spiritual metaphors, vibrant imagery, and childlike wonder, the pair investigates the power to call home, creating an immersive experience that travels multiple dimensions. The magic they’ve found in black rituals, food, and collective consciousness amidst their trials reminds them of how there is no place like home.

  • "Master of Two Worlds", Hope & Faith coming home window scene

    "Master of Two Worlds", Hope & Faith coming home window scene
  • Living room scene 1

    From left to right: "Still Life (Healing)", photo of old apartment complex, photo of late mother holding Hope & Faith, poem "a story to tell", and halftone screenprint "4009 Gallatin St"
  • Living room scene 2

    From left to right: High school photo next to halftone screenprint "how did we get here?"
  • Living room scene 3

    From left to right: Family photo and poem "a story to tell"
  • Living room scene 4

    From left to right: photo of young Hope & Faith praying, key holder that says "simply blessed", and wall decor that reads "Bless this Home"
  • Living room scene 5

    Hope & Faith: HOMECOMING coloring and activity book on living room table with chair. Game of LIFE sits under the table.
  • Kitchen scene 1

    From left to right: "Wholesome" (an interactive piece with collard green takeaways), wall decor, mixed media collage scroll "Life Path", photo of food at a family function, wall decor
  • Kitchen scene 2

    From left to right: "The Greatest Hits", wall decor, "EBT (Food Stamps)
  • a story to tell

    "a story to tell" poem by FAITH


solo exhibition
The Commons Gallery, New York, NY

“OUR SKIN, OUR LOGO.” is an exploration and explanation of ourselves. We seek to provide an immersive experience into our story, highlighting our past, culture, and inner selves in our works. Peek into our marginalized identities as black bodies utilizing the white cube that is the gallery. With the use of black paint and careful curation, “OUR SKIN, OUR LOGO.” creates four “rooms” divided into a cross, each diving into various aspects and detailing specific tumultuous moments and milestones experienced within our 20 years of life.

  • Exhibition entrance

    Entrance to the exhibition
  • Braids at exhibition entrance

    Braids hanging over the exhibition entrance with vinyl that reads "PLEASE, DON'T TOUCH."
    Braids hanging over the exhibition entrance with vinyl that reads "PLEASE, DON'T TOUCH."
  • OUR SKIN, OUR LOGO. walkway

    Walkway with red carpet. Room divided into four rooms creating a cross.

    ‘FOR OUR SISTERS’ features aspects of black femininity and hair. Classified with an image of two sets of twins, the room unpacks womanhood, black hair and hair care, and resilience in reclaiming the representation of the black woman. A few black hair styles are portrayed in braids, locs, an updo, and a fro. For 20 years of life, we have endured systematic oppression everyday as the black woman. We are questioned frequently about our hair, have to witness non-POC wearing braids and other protective styles, and face racist remarks while attending a PWI.
  • FOR OUR SISTERS wall view

    Image of Hope & Faith with pair of twins next to wall with vinyl that reads "FOR OUR SISTERS"

    ‘FOR OUR MINDS’ discusses our mental states, permitting a therapeutic catharsis for our depression. This room explores how our art-making channels our emotions, by showing overwhelming feelings of grief and sorrow from the loss of our mother. We address this by documenting our extreme ability to feel and our inability to regulate these emotions after her death. With being hospitalized and being seen by therapists and psychiatrists, we tackle the complicated notions related to mental health in the black community in our work.

    ‘FOR OUR ANGEL ABOVE’ approaches the death of our mother. With a picture of the McCorkle’s, this room explores acceptance in our grieving process with the creation of pieces dedicated to her. Reflecting on her condition and disability, we are able to recall the sacrifices our mother made for us to live that eventually took her own life. Focusing on her ubiquitous presence, the pieces in this room define what we do with the guidance of our angel above. Executed through ceramics, mirror, and painting, we pay homage to our mother and continue telling her story alongside ours.
  • FOR OUR SOULS wall view

    Photo of catered curated meal next to wall with vinyl that reads "FOR OUR SOULS"

    ‘FOR OUR SOULS’ details our experiences growing up that fed into who we are today. Our souls were fueled with experiences and soul food that has cultivated our tongue and mind. Depicted in the image that leads the room, cooking and catering food has been installed in us since we were seven years old. Because our mother was disabled, we were taught at a young age to cook for her, ourselves, and our family. This expanded further into other creative outlets, such as art, that we began in middle school. Our souls are derived in creativity and putting all the effort we have into what we do.

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