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About Heidi

Heidi Neff's work investigates the relationship between the virtual and the physical and how that relates to profoundly personal experiences such as love, sex, motherhood, loss, illness, physical injury and spiritual connections. Technological devices profoundly change our most private experiences. In her newest work, the intimate colors of flesh and blood punctuate sleek blue surfaces reminiscent of the screens that populate contemporary life. Thick textured gooey paint is pushed through icon shaped... more

Newest Work (Ongoing)

  • Word Made Flesh

    17" x 17", acrylic, shellac, and oil paint pen on advent calendar, 2016
  • American Shitstorm

    17" round, acrylic paint and shellac on advent calendar, 2016

Screen Scene (Ongoing Series)

Fleshy paint interrupts screensaver backgrounds. I use different painting languages to explore dichotomies of physical and virtual and physical and spiritual in these mostly small abstract paintings.

Paintings for the Digital Age

These are life-sized iPhone 4 replicas made with foam core, balsa wood, blue acetate and acrylic paint.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice was an installation at GRACE (Greater Reston Arts Center) in the summer of 2011. It is based on the eponymous poem by Robert Frost. In it, paintings of media images surround the viewer to show the great political divide in this country and how that division affects us all regardless of which side we find ourselves on.

Illuminated Manuscripts

Through sources such as CNN breaking news, I get constant reminders that people are dying in wars and natural disasters alongside celebrity gossip. Britney Spearâ??s latest breakdown gets equal weight as tsunami that killed over 170,000 people. My paintings based on illuminated manuscripts seek to explore and reflect this conundrum by putting Internet-based headlines and news stories within a more intimate context.

Pop-Up Ads

The pop-up ads are actual-sized drawings of both real and fake pop-up ads.


A Baroque painting on a cathedral ceiling and a pornographic image in a slick magazine both transport the viewer to a desired state of ecstasy, whether spiritual or sexual. The church ceiling series is paintings based on reproductions of painted cathedral ceilings. I reproduce the faux architecture and replace the figures with couples lifted from porn magazines, figures from popular culture, and personal narrative.

The most recent painting, Something is Missing, was specifically created as a response to the Goucher Collegeâ??s Rosenberg Gallery space. The galleryâ??s permanent lights were incorporated in the helicopter searchlights. Though quite different from the earlier ceiling pieces, this piece continues the idea of human beingsâ?? innate drive to search for something more in life.

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