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About Heather

Independent Producer Heather Taylor is the founding member of Archetypal Images, LLC; the company that produced the documentary Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women’s National Air Derby. Taylor’s purpose in creating Archetypal Images is to produce films that explore and harnesses that light in the eyes of people who have found their calling in life and share that sparkle with others who are still searching to find their own passion. The pilots’ featured in Breaking Through The Clouds are... more

Breaking Through The Clouds: The FIrst Women's National Air Derby

The inspiring true story of 20 women who raced across America in 1929.
With just a compass and a road map to guide them, Amelia Earhart and 19 other brave pilots defied convention by taking to the skies and racing across the country for the first Women’s National Air Derby. Facing cultural stereotypes, mechanical failures, threats of sabotage, navigational challenges and endless chicken dinners, the women became pioneering legends in aviation. Their story is inspiring to anyone who has the courage to follow their own dreams.

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