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I graduated with a BFA in painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1997. That same year, I was the recipient of The Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award, and shortly after spent a year as a resident artist at Holt Center for the Arts. My work has been shown throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as well as Italy and Wales. I enjoy teaching both oils and encuastic in a workshop setting. Most of my life I have been a resident of Baltimore city. Currently, I live in a more... more

Dwell Series

An ongoing series that utilize the house shape to express varying human situations and emotions.


I began these paintings as a way to push my compositions and palette. They have greatly influenced my other works. These abstract works seem to play off one another and at times I work a few simultaneously. I am looking forward to expanding this body of work. I am excited to see where it takes me.

  • Lush #3

    8 x 8" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Lush #2

    8 x 8" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Lush

    18x 24" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Expectations

    36 x 48" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Buttress

    18 x 24" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Trinkets

    30 x 40" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Tea Party

    16 x 20" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Towers

    36 x 48" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • Tenuous

    18 x 24" oil & mixed media on canvas
  • New Year

    16 x 20" oil on canvas

Encaustic paintings

This are a series of wax paintings on panel. The process involves using pigmented, molten wax to paint with. The surface cools extremely quickly and then can be manipulated as well, by carving, re-heating and adding additional layers. I continue to explore the house them in this medium as well, taking advantage of the texture and depth I can create.
I also am working on small encaustics, 4x6 inches that I call "Whispers". They can be viewed alone, and free standing or hung in groups. I would like to see this project develop and grow into an installation of 100 "Whispers".

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