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White cliffs at night

alcohol ink on Yupo paper, 9x12"

Evening skies

alcohol ink on yupo 6x9"


alcohol ink on yupo

wild seas

alcohol ink 4.5/6"


About Heather

Howard County

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I started my artistic journey when my husband gave me a small watercolor set for Christmas one year. I took a few classes, and have used painting as a way to relax and play with color and shape.  A few years ago, I came across alcohol ink art online - who knows how I found it! - and love the richness of the colors and the totally unexpected things that can happen with this medium.  I also love taking photographs of nature and enhancing them digitally to create unique artistic statements.... more

Painting for Life spring 2020

These paintings are all done from a Jungian style of letting the painting emerge from your deeper self rather than from your mind trying to control the image to make it "nice" or "pretty. Painted during a weekly workshop which started during the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020.   

  • IMG_9465.jpeg

    My broken heart, held by an emerging goddess. Perhaps Kuan Yin, the goddess of compassion.
  • RenderedImage.jpeg

    My masked face, first born masked as he emerges, reaching for the mountains which are closed off. The angel of my dear departed women friends who have died of cancer surrounding us.
  • IMG_9621.jpeg

    cloaked in blanket of silence, gagged, but flowers still bloom.
  • IMG_9705.jpeg

    Pandemic brings me to my knees. Nature spirit supporting me
  • IMG_9745.jpeg

    After the murder of George Floyd, the broken winged bird crying, the lynching tree weeping blood, the nature spirit weeping and bleeding.

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