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My photography projects take time but time helps tell the story. I look for projects that take me to places that the photographer Walker Evans described best: "It's as though there's a wonderful secret in a certain place and I can capture it. Only I can do it at this moment, only this moment and only me." I start out as a stranger, asking people to trust me, to let me into their world, to tell me their story. Their acceptance is a gift that I take very seriously. I share my work with them. My first... more

At The Mill- The Men

Documenting the renovation of Mill No. 1, I photograph the building, the ongoing demolition and construction and the men doing this work. They begin work before sunrise and they WORK! Some jobs require brute strength, others great skill and agility. It is a place for hard hats, work boots, safety belts, masks, gloves as well as the tools needed to get the job done. The Mill is filled with action and it's a challenge to capture it. These men have leaders, they know what they are doing and most are a part of a team. Many are happy to have me photograph them and since I like documenting those whose stories don't get told, the feeling is mutual.

Little Italy-1

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing! In 1997 I began to document life in Baltimore's Little Italy- color photographs, audio and video interviews and essays. As soon as a photo is taken it becomes part of the past. Usually that trip is gradual and unnoticed. But I soon realized that I might be photographing Little Italy's last hurrah. Many of the people and places you will see here are gone now.
When I began this project, I was told, "You should have been here 40 years ago. This place was something back then! Of course we would have thrown you out. No stranger with a camera in our Neighborhood!" Now I feel like saying, "You should have been here 15 years ago..."

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