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Artist Hanako Oda graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, in Tokyo- Japan, in 2002, and has since had an extensive carrer in the arts, ranging from ceramics to theather production to her true love illustration. My work represents a modest gift from my heart to yours. I forcus on simple delights and subtle joys emerging out of complexity and detail.

Stories of Spring

  • Lost Moon

    "Whoever dropped the moon? She was left behind on the corridor."
  • The City

    “Wow, amazing!” “Look down, scary.”
  • The Cosmic Corrider

    “Hi, wait. Where are you going?” “I’m excited.” “What is waiting for us?” “I don’t know.”
  • Curiosity

    “What is there on the way ahead?”
  • Angel

    "A gift of flowers for you"
  • The Secret Path

    "To you who have wondered into this secret path. I'll usher you to my favorite toy shop!"
  • Rendezvous

    "I had a kind of feeling that I heard the noise by a bus."
  • Ms. Matilda

    "Do you know this fantastic feeling with a refreshing breeze?"
  • An Unxpected Guest

    "An unexpected guest turned up because of merry sounds from the musical box."
  • Happiness

    "I say happiness it’s like a feeling when I gazing flowers. Perhaps life is lovely. a little one, a large one…I’d like to find lots of flowers. Flowers are blooming beside you."


Stories of Summer

  • Twinkle Memory

    "I like a festival, yet I don’t like it. A festive night is like an illusion, and it makes me feel sad vaguely. I feel as if it’s become a twinkle memory already."
  • Summer Afternoon

    "Taking a nap on early summer afternoon, How happy I am!"
  • My Secret Place

    "A drink having this secluded place with the sound of waves as BGM tastes nice. Won’t you come along some day?"
  • The Milky Way

    "Why am I here, I wonder? I feel as if I’m melting into expanses of the sky and beauty of the sparkling stars and fading away. Beyond question, I’m here."
  • Sparkly Stuff

    "Sparkly stuff is falling on me, and embraces me."
  • Japanese Chinese-noodles

    "“I want to eat Chinese noodles!” It flashed into my mind. I can’t hear the scream of cicadas and the sound of a wind bell anymore. I slurp in a trance."
  • Summer Holidays

    "Grandma! I’ll come back. Good-bye. Good-bye."
  • Tomorrow

    "My name is Balzac. I seem to be a small cat, but in reality I’m big. I love traveling! I can see, hear and feel very many things with my own eyes, ears and body -my world’s expanding without limit. Routine mornings come on the sea, but it’s not same. New morning comes to my place every morning, and it comes to your place too. Is the world changing? No, that’s me. I’m changing. It’s going on even if we don’t like. I do make the coming world and myself of the next moment now. What can I meet tomorrow?"
  • I'm talking

    "I’m talking to whoever you are."
  • I’ll go up a slope again

    "I run down flying in the infinite blue sky. It takes a flash to get the foot I felt it was far. This is my favorite moment! I’ll go up a slope again."

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