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About Hadieh

Hadieh Shafie, is a visual artist, who lived in Baltimore from 2005-2018. Hadieh is now based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work collapses the space between, drawing, painting and sculpture and is at once process-oriented and overwhelming in its intricacy. Shafie's work is in the following public collections: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Victoria and Albert Museum; Bank of America, Corporation Collection; Art in Embassies, Public Collection Dubai, UAE; The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia;... more

Ketab / Book Series

In this body of work, individual strips of paper have been marked with hand-written and printed Farsi (Persian language) text and drawings. Each strip is then tightly rolled to create a core, around which successive strips are added. During the repetitive process of adding paper strips to create individual rolls, text and symbols are revealed and often hidden within the concentric rings of the finished object. The title of each peice documents the number of individual strips of paper that complete the work.

Mawlana Muhammad Rumi; has a special place in my heart, his poetry and the search for the dervish within is at the core of the nature of my search. Concentric forms of text and material also take direct inspiration from the dance of the whirling dervish.

Having lived in Iran was a pivotal experience for me as a young girl coming of age. A constant element of my work has been the significance of process, repetition and time. The themes explored are the temporary nature of memory, history and personal experiences related to leaving Iran, longing and the struggle to find identity and peace.

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