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Sample chapter totaling 9 pages from the novel "Backbeat the Waves." Set in a time between glam rock and filthy punk, “Backbeat the Waves” washes over the summer of 1977 that changed Mercury Widdershins’s life. Merck’s life completely spazzes when his one-armed cousin arrives from Appalachia—as alien as a Wookie—bringing with her a weird look, strange words, a radical attitude, and ultimate questions. Together, they discover their own liberating music, their unique sexual identities, and their separate solutions to what the future holds. “Backbeat the Waves” explores liminal moments when people exist between things: city and country, adolescence and adulthood, male and female, perseverance and mortality. For a summer that witnessed the death of a universal “king” and the interstellar launch of human culture, the most dramatic events happened at home.
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First 12 pages from "The Flattening of Penny," one of thirteen stories in the collection SALT BOX, FOAM HOUSE. Six stories are set in adolescence (Salt Box) that explore overt physical violence and six are set in adulthood (Foam House) that explore subtle emotional violence, with a middle transitional story that acts as a fulcrum or tipping point from adolescence to adulthood, set in the late 1990s during the burgeoning Internet impact that divides real communal relationships with the false sense of community cultivated in online isolation.
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About Gregg

Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District

Gregg Wilhelm's entire life has been wrapped up in books: writer, publisher, teacher, and arts administrator.  Gregg is founder emeritus of CityLit Project, a nonprofit literary arts organization that has served readers and writers in the Baltimore metropolitan area since 2004, and he continues to act as publisher of its CityLit Press imprint. As an independent publisher and arts administrator, he has shepherded to print more than 150 titles across all genres, curated more than 1000 literary... more

Wilhelm at Writers Reading @ AACC

Gregg Wilhelm was a featured author at Anne Arundel Community College's Writers Reading @ AACC series.

WBAL-TV Compilation

Compilation of Gregg Wilhelm's appearances on WBAL-TV promoting books and literary events.

  • WBAL-TV Compilation

    Gregg Wilhelm's appearances on WBAL-TV promoting books and literary events.

CityLit Festival Highlights

Gregg Wilhelm's work as a literary arts administrator includes developing the popular annual CityLit Festival. This video represents some of the free events highlights over the years.

CityLit Project Youth Programs

Highlights of CityLit's outreach to youth through creative writing and project management strategies.

Geo-Poe: A Literary Geo-Caching Adventure

“Geo-Poe” was a city-wide literary geo-caching adventure dreamed up and coordinated by Gregg Wilhelm in the Fall 2014. Fifteen writers (from established authors to emerging voices) penned short short stories surrounding the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe or stories written in a Poe-esque style. These stories were hidden around Baltimore in spots relevant to the narrative, and readers-seekers used mobile devices to find-and-read the story caches. Clues to each stashed cache were posted via social media. The project took on extra life as a reading was staged at Westminster Hall, Eight Stone Press published a chapbook, and a culminating event celebrating the publication of the chapbook took place at Atomic Books. Participants stated that the experience was a highlight of their year, and stories produced by the writers were uniformly excellent.

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