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Baltimore City

My name is Gloria Garrett and I am the Mother of Makeup Art. I use a unique combination of makeup which entails lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and every day office items, such as whiteout, crayons, highlighters, pens pencils and markers to create one of a kind pieces of art. I paint on plain white 8 ½ x 11 acid free paper. I draw everyday people doing everyday things like, playing checkers, jumping rope, putting on makeup, and baking cookies. I create folk art for the folks. I am a self... more


I paint beautiful, colorful, bold, and energetic paintings with donated makeup. I use lots of lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, and powders. I use whiteout to add movement. I use my finger nails to add texture. I also use crayons. I paint happy people doing happy thungs. My paintings make me and others smile to add joy to life.

  • Joyful Dance

    This girl is very happy. She loves to dabce. dancef
  • In the Park

    This lady is enjoying her walk in the park.
  • Listening to Records

    These two girls are listening to and dancing ti their favorite song on a record player.


I have created inspirational books with my poetry, stories, historical facts, games, and my makeup art printsfor each month of the year. For January, I created Advice fir Life. This book is fillef with great advice. For February I created Afro Star. This book shates the struggle of African Anericans from The Middle Passage to slavery to the Civil War to the disparities of today. For March, I created Us Girls. This book shares the struggle of women to fight to get the right vogh to today's struggle for equal pay. For April I write In My Own Words. It is filled with my favorite artwork and poems. This book celebrates National Poetry Month.

  • Afro Star

    This book shares the struggle of African Americans in this country.
  • Advice for Life

    This book gives advice on how to live a joyful life.
  • Us Girls

    This book shares the struggle for women's equality in this country.

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