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Record Catch

Blue Marlin
30" x 40" Oil on Canvas depicting the current Maryland State record 1062 lb Blue Marlin caught during the White Marlin Open 2009


36" x 36" Acrylic on canvas The Opah is a Pacific ocean species. My painting is a portrait of the Opah that was caught surprisingly last year not far off the Atlantic coast of Ocean City, Maryland.


Ballyhoos are an important fish in the Atlantic Ocean food chain. Their beautiful luminescent colors are highlited by a Crimson tip and orange tail

The Offering jpg.jpg

16" x 20" Oil on canvas


About George

Baltimore City

George Kalwa's picture
George Kalwa was born  in Baltimore, and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1978 GFA. He worked as a court room illustrator, portrait painter, sign maker, then became a broadcast designer, animator and Film Maker spending a lot of his time in the ocean where he created an offshore fishing tv show. Now he paints from his vdeography and photography. His love for water, the ocean life constantly inspires his work.

Sealife Offshore

The Ocean's surface is a mirror, reflecting light, colors, and life above. It is translucent, allowing light to pass through and illuminate life beneath. The great and beautiful sea inspires and challenges me to understand and record it's power and beauty. There is much movement. Nothing is still. Paint is like the ocean. It's fluid and moves like water. Colors interact like birds and fish and whales.
Sixty miles offshore is another world filled with unimaginable beauty, stimulating every human sense.

En Plein Air

I love painting "En Plein Air". Onsite painting competitions are always very exciting as they challenge me with time constraints, bad weather at times, moving skies and changing light. I try to record some type of action into the landscape.

  • The lifeguard.jpg

    Plein Air competition in rough weather
    24' X 30' Oil on canvas Competition piece 6 hour time limit. This was painted during very rough surf conditions, North East Winds at 25 mph, heavy rain at times. My easel securely dug into the sand and hidden behind a sideways beech umbrella in Ocean City MD
  • The Rescue.jpg

    This was a 2 hour time limit "Quick sketch" competition in Ocean City, MD With 15 minutes left people started to scream "call 911 someone is drowning" I captured the action as lifeguards raced to save the young mans life. The experience was exhilarating as it took me back to my "Courtroom artist days"
  • plein air inlet.jpg

    Wind had subsided some but still blowing with only an hour left to paint

Commissioned work

  • Republica Italiana

    48" x 60" Acrylic on canvas commission is a tribute to Italy. The woman on the bicycle is my wife Annette who is 100% italian. The painting hangs in a restaurant in Ocean City MD
  • Into the inlet

    18" X 30" Oil on canvas
  • Turmoil.jpg

    24" x 36" Acrylic on canvas
  • Salty Mermaid Mural.jpg

    Mermaid, fish, ocean underwater sealife
    Mural 8' high x 27' wide on exterior wall behind bar at the Salty Mermaid in Wildwood NJ

Marine Life

  • Fells Point

    12"x 16" Oil on Panel Fells Point Painted in 1983 When I was young, I lived in fells point and did many paintings of this beautiful old town.
  • Seven Foot Knoll Light

    Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse
    12" x 16" Oil on panel Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay I fished many times with my three sons at this lighthouse. We would catch Rockfish, Blues, occasional Seatrout, Perch and Catfish Painted around 1983 before it was removed from the bay. Now it is a museum at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.
  • Thomas Point Lighthouse

    9.5" x 13" Oil on board Thomas Point Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay
  • View at Fenwick Island

    Fenwick Island, marsh scene
    18" x 24" Oil on canvas marshlands along route 54 Fenwick Island Delaware. A working bird picks up a Finger Mullet in August. Birds, fish, crabs, mussels, Horsehoe Crabs, Clams are abundant in this area.
  • Offshore Beauty.jpg

    11" x 14" scratchboard.. White Marlin with Frigate birds, Seagulls, Flying Fish and boat

Beneath the waves

  • Mermaid

    Mermaid riding sailfish, underwater, loggerhead sea turtle
    16" x 20" Oil on canvas. "Mermaid's Escape" depicts her adventurous ride on her friend, the sailfish as she hides from the dangerous hammerhead shark above. Swimming among schools of skipjack tuna, Squid and sardines. also in the painting is a loggerhead sea turtle over a remora. Mermaids must have strong arms and a strong neck. Her tail is lit up so to blend with the sailfish.
  • The Sighting

    Sea Creature, Pooles Island
    9" x 12" Watercolor sketch... I was fishing for Rockfish at Pooles Island in 1997 when this huge snake-like creature came to the surface within casting distance of my boat. It was smooth with no scales, tan and olive colored skin. I reported it to the DNR when I returned home and later spoke with Bill Burton. Birds getting closer to my boat and were working the area feeding on something. When they got close the creature came up. I didn't get a chance to see his head.
  • Blue Crabs

    Blue Crabs, Middle River, Chesapeake Bay
    11" x 14" Oil on panel... Blue Crabs in the river The Male Crab, (Jimmy) and the smaller Female(Cow) below with her beautiful red tipped claws. I painted this many years ago around 1980
  • Bigeye tuna.jpg

    Bigeye Tuna
    18" x 24" Ink wash on paper Bigeye Tuna
  • King of the Mahi.jpg

    Mahi Mahi
    11" x 14" scratchboard ..When I plunged my GoPro camera on a stick down below the surface it revealed thousands of Mahi fish as far as you could see. It was a most memorable day in the ocean.

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