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Magic Being Power Figure

Excerpt from "What's Left to Give?"

Magic Being

Magic Being

Family Portrait

Excerpt from "Homecoming|Homegoing"

What Moves You?

Excerpt from "404 Artwork Not Found"


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Anne Arundel County

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Genifer Fraser is a Maryland-based community artist and educator who uses a multitude of mediums and expressive colors to create paintings, installations, and immersive experiences. In 2016, she graduated with a B.A. in Art History, a second major in African American Studies, a minor in History, and a certificate in Community Engagement from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has always sought out ways to marry her passion for the arts and affinity for learning with conscious social engagement.... more


Homecoming|Homegoing is a nostalgic peak into Gen Fraser’s  thoughts on family life, home, and growing up in Maryland.  Key themes include memory, mourning, placemaking, and communal joy.  She invites viewers to actively engage in the work; sharing their own personal stories and venturing beyond the role of a passive onlooker.  Through empathic practices and encouraged vulnerability this show asks each of us to build and define what home is for ourselves and our communities.

404 Artwork Not Found

404 Artwork Not Found explores the process of making from an emotional standpoint, highlighting the highs, lows, and challenges of bringing a new project to fruition. This story is told through the use of a multitude of different mediums from painting, to digital art, to installation.  While this is investigated from the artist’s unique perspective, the themes examined can be very real aspects of any creative process.  Viewers are invited to actively engage in the work; sharing their own personal stories and venturing beyond the role of a passive onlooker.  This show takes a “glass half full” approach to taming artist’s block; creating a fun and interactive environment for vulnerability and inspiration.

What's Left To Give?

Through the lens of community workers and multimedia artists Gen Fraser and Ky Vassor explore self preservation, reclamation of space, and the importance of honoring Black women and femmes for more than the work they produce. Gen and Ky's exhibition asks viewers "What's left to give at the end of it all" for Black women and femmes?

Keep Playing Baltimore Mural @ Port Discovery

The Keep Playing Baltimore mural project was envisioned as an interactive, site specific installation that would live in Port Discovery’s Studio Workshop.  This vision came to fruition over MLK weekend when guests and families were invited to help fill in the giant paint by number style design painted on the studio wall.  The letters spell out “KEEP PLAYING BALTIMORE”, promoting a message of maintaining community joy through fun and stimulating activities.  It is meant to stand as a reminder of the power of play and community connection.  Now in the wake of a pandemic, this message is more important than ever.  The puzzle motif further amplifies this playful message and mirrors the ways in which our communities have the potential to come together and create something beautiful.  Each piece has its own unique characteristics, made possible by visitors’ contributions from MLK weekend.

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