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For forty years, American poet, eurythmist and stage artist Gail Langstroth has collaborated and performed with international artists in North and South America, Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, and Romania. One of her performance-pieces, Rivelets, won First Prize at the 2002 Teatro La Scala competition in Basel, Switzerland. In ONEWORD, (The New York International Fringe Festival, 2008), she performs crucial moments experienced through her life journey. Along with vocalist and percussionist, Fred... more



a field of attention in which previously unrelated pieces are brought into a
composition, a whole

an opportunity to arrange isolated bits and pieces together, drawing them into
new relationship

at times, my life seems a series of apparently unrelated bits and pieces

in order to make sense out of the events and parts, I must connect them
my I is the glue that connects
in life and in collage

a field of attention where I practice the art of collage

© gail langstroth

Cedar & Vine

In July, 2011, I visited an exhibition of the Sondheim finalists at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Upon entering the gallery space where nine of Rachel Rotenberg?s sculptures were on display, I knew that I had to make it possible to move around and between her works of art.

Prior to filming, I visited the gallery on various occasions. During each visit I let Rachel?s work speak to both my choreographic sense of movement and my sensitivity to language and sound. The sculptures became as harps. I listened as they played on the space and air. The present document is a video drawn from the material gathered during the hours of filming. Added to the eurythmy movements is a spoken-word text. Tonal accents from the violin, bring an additional thread to the audible dialogue.

Sculpture: Rachel Rotenberg
Eurythmy, Words, Voice: Gail Langstroth
Violin: Lucas Lechowski

Baltimore Museum of Art, 2011



dewpoint of the word, crystalline heard

the I empties opens listens
to the silent movement within The Word

creating Self
the poem stands?a column

condensed Halleluiah

song in praise of the highest dance


© gail langstroth



an art of movement as spiritual path
the invisible made visible
how I am shaped and created out of The Word

eurythmy makes limber the limbs of listening
it inspires a recognition of the movement that has formed me

as I shape the air gesture that each sound of speech awakens when spoken
I awaken
and only out of that can I write

© gail langstroth

Line Drawings

line drawings

a dimension of the word without the word
leaving the sounds and thought of words, entering word's essential substance,
the line appears?baring/bearing now the essence of its wordsource?in breath

line drawings?I can create them only with the thinnest point of pencil on the
skins of transparent paper

© gail langstroth



After a long career as an international performer, I wanted to bring the movement-artist/eurythmist, together with the poet, in a solo production. ONEWORD was born. Its title originates from an experience of the one word that each of us can speak only for ourselves. It points to that part of the self which actively listens in order to give birth to the poem.
I can say "I" only for myself. No one can say "I" for me.
- The poem is a way for my ONEWORD
- The I that I AM
- to center Self in Dance-substantiation
. . . creating.
With director, Klaus Jensen, 24 of my poems that lent themselves to a staged production were chosen. Workman's gloves, goggles, a roll of toilet paper, plastic bags, accentuated the actions and movements from the selected poems. It was premiered in January of 2007 in Hamburg, Germany.

Performer, Poems, Texts: Gail Langstroth
Director, Sound Design: Klaus Jensen
Light Design: Christian Senfft von Pilsach
Costume: Rosemarie Knoop
Film: Susan Chales de Beaulieu

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