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Here Come the Priests I, II, III

Oil,collage, gouache, crayon, wood cross on canvas,64'' x 14'' (each panel), 2018

Winter Bloom II

Oil on paper

Here Come the Priests (detail)

Here Come the Priests (detail)

Winter Bloom

Oil on canvas, 12x12, 2019


About Frank

Baltimore City

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The universal themes I attempt to address in my abstract paintings are: truth, uncertainty, identity, leave taking and memory. I utilize color, form and texture. Words are also often used as an integral part in many of these abstract paintings in the form of script, printing or text. They sometimes give a clue to the ideas expressed while at other times serve solely as a compositional element. Script (very soon to be archaic) can often regress into an unintelligible scrawl, finding a welcome... more

Here and Now

The present themes dealing with power, greed and corruption in high places.

Aceboo series

These mixed media works are a response to the technologic ubiquity of the present, where communication and emotions have been replaced by the click of a button and beliefs have been packaged into demographic blocks on a seemingly infallible graph labeled: human truth.

  • aceboo II

    Oil, fabric, paper, collage on canvas, 19''(variable) x 12'', 2016
  • aceboo I

    Oil, fabric, paper, collage on canvas, 17''(variable) x 12'', 2016
  • aceboo IV

    Oil, fabric, paper, collage on canvas, 13''(variable) x 12'', 2016
  • Relic

    oil, fabric on canvas, 15''(variable) x 12'', 2016
  • aceboo III (742x800).jpg

    Mixed media on canvas, 2016
  • aceboo VI

    oil, fabric, collage on canvas, 12'' x 12'', 2016
  • Fossil

    Oil, fabric on canvas, 12.5'' x 12.5''(variable), 2016

New Cities

Mixed media paintings of the past few years reflecting the move back to the city.

Summer Silence

The goal of the Summer Silence series was to create a group of abstract paintings to express the essence of summer. Reality intrudes (summer 2016). Noteworthy or perhaps prescient is that the book leaves for these mixed media works are from the John Hersey novel The Wall about the Warsaw ghetto imposed by the Nazis during WW II.


Abstract mixed media works contemplating truth, power, identity, the passage of time and the state of the world.

  • Histories

    mixed media on canvas,30''x30'', 2012
  • Power

    mixed media on canvas, 30''x30'', 2011
  • Fools Fool

    mixed media on canvas,30''x30'', 2011
  • Liquid Nostalgia

    mixed media on canvas, 30''x30'', 2012
  • Nevermore

    mixed media on paper,31''x31'', 2010
  • Leaving

    mixed media on canvas, 30''x30'', 2012

Figurehead Series

The rise of totalitarianism and fascism across the world led to brief exercise in the figurative realm. The paintings in this series grew from the Summer Silence series.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings . 2014 through 2019. On canvas, paper and panel. Oil paint!