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Murals about local history Horse track, betting, and prohibition


Undergeound railroad mural


John and Matilda O'neill


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I have been an artist/muralist around the Baltimore area, mostly in Havre de Grace, for over 20 years.  I graduated from MICA.  My art usually deals with local themes.  Visually my style is a combination of local ideas and history sometimes mixed with surrealism and a touch of whimsy. Currently I am working on a large scale historical mural project in an alley with large walls, collaborating with real estate owner Allen Fair, on Market street near Bourbon street in... more

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This gives a basic overview of my style.  I try to marry bold colors, landscapes, architecture, surrealism, and whimsy to create a different way of looking at the world around us.  There is a shallow depth of field that is deliberate to create bold colorful images.


This is a current project underway that real estate owner Allen Fair and I are working on to help give visuals to our local Havre de Grace history and culture.  We are excited about the attention and overall support this project has gotten.

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    Red Onion (Brothel Mural), and the next two murals underway, the Underground railroad, and the skipjack maritime mural.
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    The Dream Race at the Graw is about our local race track that once was a huge tourist attraction and part of our local economy. It was a very exciting time in our local history. the small mural that is attached to it is part of the story following the great Citation from arrival, the winning the race, to the celebration afterwards.
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    Underground Railroad (incomplete) and the Red Onion Brothel Mural
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    This one made the Baltimore news after Lowell Melser picked up the controversy of several locals who thought the mural was too descriptive for public art. Allen and I chose the edit the original so that we won back the majority of the people who were upset about it. An overwhelming amount of public support came forth at the same time. The idea proved to be a hot topic that had many people talking about forgotten local history, our wild past, public art, easthetic beauty, and our town.

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Larger and larger projects

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I have been doing a large scale along with real estate manager Allen Fair.  The project has grown into a multi year project focusing on Havre de Grace's rich (and sometimes seedy) history.  These murals are part of a larger idea to convert the surrounding area into a community park and outdoor venue space as well turn the interior of the building into the area's largest cultural center, Harmer's Town Art Center.  (

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