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Baltimore County

I have grown up very aware of the importance of the environment and the effects of human involvement.  My mother studies the health of local waters by testing the health of Plankton populations.  She keeps bees and plants bee friendly gardens. She composts.  She has chickens, where we receive our fresh eggs.  She makes sure we are all recycling.  The list goes on.  I have also grown up with woods in my backyard, a place for my imagination to grow and for me to wander alone... more


My mixed media work is in many ways a therapeutic way to cope with these anxieties, especially the repetitive motions of creating French knot after French knot in my “moss embroideries.” When making moss embroideries, it’s about creating and building up a scene from nothing or creating a mini landscape. Felt is layered together for three-dimensionality in round shapes and I go from there in a more abstract sense.
Humans create barriers between themselves and the reality of the world’s environmental troubles, wanting to keep their own idealistic views in order to avoid addressing an issue. The way that humans create things, such as fake plants, so that nature can still be aesthetically pleasing without needing to be cared for, is telling of the efforts humans make. The way that I create natural elements synthetically in these pieces can be compared to the way that humans go about dealing with this problem.

FaceDown Series

Much of my photographic work focuses on feelings of anxiety and the human condition. Imagery of bodies laying facedown, in awkward positions and on uncomfortable landscapes is a way to describe my current mental state.

Invading Territories

'Invading Territories' revolves around the theme of invasive species and human engagement in the changing of natural landscapes.

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