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Edward Maurice Nathaniel Taylor A Biography in A r t For most people, an occupation is what they do to make a living. For Edward M. N. Taylor, his living is his occupation. From his earliest days, he has known one thing. He has known how to be himself. Only in his case, being himself has meant expressing beauty, creativity, and imagination -- in line, in form, in color, and in texture. He does this as automatically as he breathes. He can’t help himself. He is an artist and as such, he expresses... more

My Echo, My Shadow and Me

” Behind the Mask” it is a body of work that is about humanities. I have developed a body of work that is cutting edge that has its own voice and its own way. It is original because I interview a person with a write up and paint a picture and both pieces are displayed. Individuals of the audience can’t just look at one but two of what the volunteer has to share. It is something different and something out of the ordinary.

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