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First on the Scene.pdf

This poem was inspired by the strange intimacy between officer and stranger that policing creates.

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The Calculus of Skinwalkers.pdf

The stories that a culture tells tend to renew themselves, making themsleves useful time and again.

PDF icon The Calculus of Skinwalkers.pdf

Final Hajj.pdf

I found myself swept up into an existential perfect storm while policing early in my career.

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About Edward

Baltimore City

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E. Doyle-Gillespie is a Baltimore cop. He holds a BA in History from The George Washington University and a Master of Liberal Arts from JHU. He is proud long-time resident of Hampden.

Skipping Girl

Understanding a people and the places that they occupy often means understanding what haunts and curses them This is true for inner-city Baltimore as much as it is for anywhere else.


This was inspired by a street informant. Sometimes, policing in Baltimore affords you glimpses of violent beauty and elegant cruelty.

Rites Without Water

I have always been fascinated by the rituals cultures adopt to better help them understand teh ebb and flow of life.

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