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Ancestors, hope, ancient, suffering
The second in a series which moved me greatly. All painted Autumn to winter 2019, all in rich oranges, blacks and golds, they feel connective to me to ancestral, indigenous, aboriginal spirits. In this piece I represented a form of hieroglyphic telepathy to humanity from the Spirit.


Journey home friends struggle forward alone hidden
Our best friends, in spirit and memory, please help us and guide us, as we struggle forward, often hurt and alone.


Fire destruction climate change disaster after end beginning
I do not know how I contributed - as many do not - to this colossal nightmare of climate change disaster hitting our world. I do sense that fire will continue to destroy many, and as I am a Fire sign, a Fire birth, I am grieved, very grieved.


Earth, digestion, transformation, process, food
An acrylic painting from January 2021, portraying life at different fractal levels - Maryland, The east coast, the USA, as a digestive process of the greater Universe with elemental animal forces, and an Earthly digestive tract, processing what we humans are doing to the planet. Everybody is digesting or trying to digest something, good and bad.


About Ed J.

Baltimore County

Ed J. Kaitz's picture
A self taught artist, with very diverse life experiences, Ed moved to the Baltimore area in 1998 from the neighbor city of Washington, DC. Ed works in many media but primarily in ink and mixed media painting. Ed works 70% from the Imagination, or what he calls the "Image Nation". He is a follower of Depth Psychology as first articulated by Carl Jung, and sometimes produces art that is dream based. His work has been called "Whimsical, quirky and colorful".

Art with poetry

Fantastic, philosophic, odd project - selections from what was to be a book. Alas, bogged down in technical and financial swamps!

  • Otherrealms.jpeg

    Extraterrestial unknown mantra
    An original oil painting - lost - digitized, with poetic commentary from the being depicted.
  • Emanation.jpeg

    Emanation, higher beings, descent, realms, hell
    Emanation from source, ah…remorse! Each lower level, is more disheveled, until a hell of evil is revealed. A digitized acrylic painting from 2019, with poem.
  • Ancientbeginningsandends.jpeg

    Origin beginnings gods creators ends apocalypse
    An original acrylic painting from 2019 - i think my favorite of all my paintings! - with poetry added.
  • Threelevels.jpeg

    Birth rebirth extraterrestial maize corn earth life
    An oil painting from about 2010, which always had a story. Birth, rebirth, maize as an original earth grain, three realms, with humans in between.
  • Direct.jpeg

    Direction deception lies deceivers ill intent trust guides hero unlucky fool simple good
    Original 12 in. X 9 in., on wc paper. I thought about fairytales, and travelers, often the luckless youngest brother, who has to deal with weirdness and darkness on the quest alone……..
  • Love.jpeg

    Love hidden gods lost found
    Original art altered. Love hides….sometimes so frikken deep. Help us through!
  • Sneaking.jpeg

    Escape, myth, cosmic snake, bat, cosmic bat
    Original 12 x 9 on wc paper. Escaping into myth.
  • BCA5E15B-886E-49F0-A002-5F69148ABF4D.jpeg

    Saviour, monster, ugly hero, hunchback,
    Sometimes a monster is a saviour!

Paintings on paper- selection 2018-2021

Smaller works acrylic or mixed media on wc paper, 12 x 9, or 15 x11, or 14 x11.

  • Ouroboros.jpeg

    Ouroboros cosmic death eon birth apocalypse rebirth
    Well, shucks, it hurts him too! (The cosmic snake). If we are at end of an eon, pass through we must. Mixed on wc paper, 12 x 9.
  • Offer.jpeg

    Offering, drink, ancient
    12 x 9 in., on wc paper. The Ancient village brings you an ancient drink.
  • Gentleman.jpeg

    Spirit, indigenous, symbolic
    Gentleman from elsewhere, indigenous spirit or such. 12 x 9 mixed media.
  • Easter.jpeg

    Easter, artist
    A dream of easter, the parts, for an artist. 12 x 9, mixed media.
  • Dream.jpeg

    Modernity, ancestors, connection
    A dream of connection to ancestors and modernity and linking the two.
  • Therockband.jpeg

    Band, guitar, rock star, music
    Fun illustration of a male guitar rock star, ink marker on paper.
  • Roadhome.jpeg

    Road, journey, life
    Cartoon fun illustration of the journey of life, a moment.

Fantasy Creatures

Fantasy Creatures