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Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District

I am a proud recipient of a 2014 William G. Baker, Jr. Artists b-grant ( Semmes G. Walsh b-grant award). My path to being a full time artist has been unusual. Long before I was a working artist I was a meteorologist focusing on a wide range of environmental issues throughout my career. I have been working on my art now well over two decades. In 2007, I retired after 50 years of work and have been focusing all my time today as that working artist and have transformed my path from scientist to artist... more

Latest Works

I have included all my new work for 2015 in this folder and also incorporated new pieces in my galleries. I have also updated many of my other galleries with new images.

  • 3D Metal Collage 59

    components: VW symbol, copper and gessoed and painted pressboard. 12 x 12 x 2 2015
  • 3D Metal Collage 57

    Components: steel disc, copper, electrical strips, aluminum and gessoed and painted press board. 24 x 16 x 1 2015
  • 3D Metal Collage 55

    Components: Aluminum skeleton, copper. In this piece I began to introduce a marquetry technique 24 x 24 x 2 2015
  • Funky Lamp

    Component:Tractor gear, aluminum telescope base, titanium, gas stove part, copper and art deco lamp shade. 25 x 12 x 12 2015
  • 1942 Chevy Hubcap..modified

    Components: 1942 Chevy Hubcap and copper. 12 inches 2015
  • Good Morning Sunshine

    Components: old steel plant holder,3 tynes, ax head, tractor blade, and brass sunshine face. 72 x 34 x 15 Commission- 2015
  • Horney French Trombone Player

    Components: Parts of an old french horn and trombone, stainless steel, aluminum, old gas burner, and plowshare piece. 2016
  • The Legend of One Eyed Mike's

    This is a commission I did for One Eyed Mike's (OEM) located in Fells Point, Maryland...actually around the corner from me. OEM is the worlds largest Gran Marnier Bar. Components: Shoe lasts, tractor parts,scythe blade, auto transmission part, aluminum, bottle and coaster. 51 x 40 x 24
  • What's behind "Door #1

    This is the first in a series of doors that I am now working on. Components: Oak locker door , stainless steel scraps, copper, screening and old spring parts.

3D Metal Collage Series

During the past 4 years I began to move away from my sculpture period and began to explore two new avenues of expression- Functional art and 3D Metal Collage . It all started when I purchased a truck full of old patined copper downsproject and other copper roofing elements. I then aquired over 120 feet of 20in wide copper roofing material found in the rafters of our friends Yellow Barn Farm. The amazing thing that I found was that the otherside was painted a milk red and dated back to the late 1800's. These two materials , the greenish colored copper and the red painted copper , became the base foundation my new work. Last year I completed a series which I called RoofTop Views which incorporates piece of rusted corregated metal along with all the other found objects that I have around my studio. Today I am working with old copper and employing marquetry techniques constructed around a found object.

  • 3D Metal Collage 6

    Components- Aluminum block, brass, section from copper downspout, and a manufactured doodad. 15 ½ x 10 ¼ x ½ 2001
  • 3D Metal Collage 26

    Components- patinaed copper, painted copper, scrap stainless steel, copper electric strips. 24 ½ x 16 ½ x 1 2 lbs 2012
  • 3D Metal Collage 17

    Components – patinaed and painted copper, painted metal piece, electric strips 25 x 21 x 2 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 22

    Components- patinaed copper, painted copper, old seed sower with nails 20 x 31x 2 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 49

    Component: Copper, patinaed copper, steel, aluminum, tractor part, cast wheel Dimensions:16 x 24 x 5 ...25 lbs 2012
  • 3D Metal Collage 33

    Components- Patinaed and regular copper, cast model train wheel, stainless steel shelf and scrap aluminum 22 x 27 x 3 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 37

    From Kandinsky's Tension in Red 1926 Components – patinaed, painted copper, scrap painted copper, regular copper, cast wheel, stainless steel,brass 21 x 15 x 2 2011
  • 3D Metal Collage 39

    From Kandinsky's Red Oval - 1920 Components- Patinaed,painted,cut scrap and regular copper 16 x 16 x 2 2011
  • 3D Copper Collage 38

    From Kandinsky's Accent in Pink 1926 Components - Painted and patinaed copper,washers, scrap copper and metal, 17 x17 x 2
  • 3D Metal Collage 10

    Components- stainless steel, patinaed copper from old downspouts, ,brass, copperwire and copper screening. 30 x 9 x 1 2008

Updated 3D Metal Collage series

This a continuation of my 3D Metal Collage Series utilizing old found copper pieces interwoven marquetry approach built around a found object. In this case a piece of old aluminum .

Farm Works

Most of my early work was built around my large collection of old farm equipment that I found in junk yards. As you will see I used plowshares, old wheels and other artifacts that I found, most of which were used in early farming in our country.

  • Farmcycle

    Components - Steel tractor seat, cast iron tractor wheels , plow parts and metal shoe lasts. 60 x 16 x 5 2002
  • The Trance

    Components- cast iron plowshare, steel and an adz. 16 x 19 x 5 1995
  • Plowshare 5

    Components--- cast plowshare, steel spring harrow, painted cutting blade, chain part, old nail and aluminum parts 12 x 16 x 15 2008
  • Meow

    Components: cast stove piece, plow share, brass fitting, solid brass scrap triangle 14 x 12 x 8 2000
  • Double Decker

    Components - Cast plowshares, steel spring harrow and aluminum throwout. 25 x 16 x 25 1998
  • Plowshare 5

    Components – cast plowshare,steel spring harrow, aluminum, steel spring, steel ring H13 x W19 x D17 2008
  • Morphed Wheel

    Components- Old crushed tractor wheel and melted aluminum 30 x 24 x 2 2008
  • Arising

    Components- two horse plow share, steel spring harrow, machined aluminum scraps 16 x 15 x 15 2000
  • Sitting Bull

    Components- Cast iron plowshare, aluminum brass finial ,steel spring harrow and cast claw foot bathtub leg 20 x 20 x 16 1997
  • Plowshare 1

    Components - cast plowshare, steel spring harrow, aluminum, chain, steel nail, painted cutting tool 14 x 17 x7 2008

Functional Art

My functional art period began early in my exploration, making lamps, mirrors and tables using a variety of found objects that I had in my studio. A friend of mine was rebuilding an old log cabin and I became the receipient of the ends of the logs. The logs are oak and from and old Indiana log cabin. I then clean the logs, and cut them to size for cocktail tables and lamps. The copper is incorporated into each piece. For the first time I am also doing commissions for the tables and lamps.

  • Art Deco Table

    Components: Aisle seat from an art deco movie theater in New Haven Connecticut , Welded steel and glass top. Dimensions:24 x 30 x 18 .... Custom Glass available 2013
  • Dining Table

    Components: Old large tractor gear, steel flange, patinaed copper and old steel base Height 28" - Top 24" round 2009
  • Baffled Look 3

    Components – aluminum heating baffle, aluminum cutout, patinaed copper and steel tractor pieces. H 39 x W 19 x D 4 2006
  • Clocktail Table

    Components- stainless steel disk, tractor blade, clock, stainless steel legs,aluminum blocks. H 25 x 24 Diameter 10lbs 2004
  • Log Cocktail Table

    Components – Aluminum, sections from copper downspouts, oak base from 1850’s Tennessee log cabin, glass top and steel braces. Note: Glass table top can be designed and cut to your tabletop wishes H 17x W 60 x D 18 70lbs 2011
  • Grate Light

    Components - cast iron plowshare section, deco glass shade, stove grate, steel spring harrow, jack stand. 74 x 18 x 14 40lbs 2000
  • Log Cabin Table Lamp 2

    Components:Cut piece of oak from an old log cabin, patinaed copper and 1940's cream shade. 28 x 11 x 8 2013

Indoor Sculptures

This series of sculptures include totems which were made using wood from an old cherry tree that I had taken down and milled from my old home in Takoma Park, MD. Farm pieces and other junkyard finds are integrated into this work.

Outdoor Sculptures

Sculpture, assembledges and functional art that can be displayed outdoors

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