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Work Samples

'39 Ford Truck

Elegant design of '39 red Ford truck

Flotsam Sunset

Flotsam Sunset

Bulkhead Mandalla

Bulkhead Mandalla

3842.skylight colors.jpg

Arboretum Cupola


About Douglas

Howard County

        I imagine that most people who are active in the visual arts have come to them because of an intrinsic appeal, and an inclination to develop nascent talents.  Growing up, I always had a camera of some type, and as I grew older, I began to realize that I could use a camera to record the natural world, as well as the world we have made. What began as a hobby became an occupation, working as a commercial photographer producing product, architectural, and industrial... more

Scene But Not Seen

Images captured, that are often passed by.

Walks and Drives

Photographs created while walking or travelling

Places, People, and Things