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Education: 1989-1993 BFA, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA 1992 Advanced Painting, The Museum School, Boston MA Awards: 1993 2-d Fine Arts Award, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA Exhibitions: 2014 The Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park NJ, group show 2014 Gallery 788, Baltimore MD, Fun A Day, group show 2013 Creative Alliance Main Gallery, Baltimore MD, Neither Here Nor There two person show with Kate MacKinnon 2013 Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston TX 2013 Jordan Faye... more

sculptor, painter, installation artist, experimenter

my life as an artists

  • p1010161.jpg

    Five inches square swimming pool.
  • p1010130.jpg

    Five inches square.covered with tar.
  • Fun-a-Day project 2013

    Fun a day is an event where artists make a project to start the new year. I chose to make a found object figure, one for each day of the month of January.
  • p1010008_1.jpg

    Ink on crayon on paper
  • p1010006_1.jpg

    Ink on crayon on paper
  • p1010173.jpg

    Carved wood with in set wrench. Painted with acrylic paint.
  • p1010171.jpg

    Carved wood painted and covered in wax. five inches square.
  • DNA

    One piece from a series. All the pieces in this series are five inches square. This one is carved wood that I painted and filled the voids with watery paint and allowed to evaporate.
  • 20140125_153359.jpg

    My art is a collection of artifacts abandoned in the world around me. I collect this plastic, metal, wire, string, yarn, toys and other discarded objects because these things have value, value that may have been used up by someone else. I feel like I am never not making art. Collecting, sorting, cataloging and organizing what I find is a form of art making in and of itself. When I exclusively painted I was always looking at how layers could be exposed and covered up and exposed again. The sculpture I make now is made in layers. My first layer is finding interesting objects.

balls, balls, balls

re-use project
the thing that got me started making the assamblages that I make

Artomatic installation

  • img_0127-2.jpg

    Detail from installation.
  • Dear Lauryn Displayed in Times Square New York

    This painting was painted using Metallic Gold Paint in Honor of Lauryn Hill. This painting was the Curators choice to display in New York during the Art Takes Time Square Exhibit 2012 in Manhattan.
  • Muse Annie II - From Within

    Here I've pulled out three pages from the content of one book package, the acknowledgements page (listing where some of the poems have been published, such as AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW and PARAGRAPH, for example), the title page, and one of the (prose) poems. The lavender piece of construction paper is from the 70s and came in a package still sealed, the orange piece is from the 50s and came gently bound but not sealed in a package of 12 and the "buff" (as it was described) piece of construction paper is also from the 70s.
  • img_0107-7.jpg

    Cloud made up of a grouping of balls
  • img_0106-2.jpg

    Detail from installation
  • Muse Annie II - The Back

    Here is one example of what the book description given in the Project Overview looks like "on" the back of the book (really just packaged after the last piece of construction paper, the last "page" of the chapbook). Here I've printed it on vintage wallpaper.
  • red installation

    Artomatic is art event held in Washington D.C. The location they used to hold the event in was slated to be gutted or torn down so their was a lot of freedom to experiment with the space. I used this opportunity to experiment with installation ideas. I was able to do a wall covering treatment and use the whole space as a sculptural environment. A home for the sculptural elements that are also included in my space.

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show at the Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance : Nether here nor there

Two person show with painter Kate McKinnon

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