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BAKER_Another Year_Sample_012021.pdf

Imagine being a 65-year-old woman of color who loves other women. Imagine the things she must have witnessed, experienced, and endured to survive. This is history recounted in the narration of one life.

"Through the racism the misogyny the homophobia.
I remain standing
with no other purpose than to piss off those trying to knock me down."

... sixty-five and still alive.

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BAKER_Long Line_Sample_2021.pdf

Don’t let yo grandmother tell you what to do. She ain’t got no rights over you. You pick yo own battles. It’s on you. Decide for yo’self, then don’t back down. Fight girl fight, ‘cause this here is about you. About what kind of person you gonna be. Don’t you ever back down. Never. Fight for the woman you wanna be.

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Baker_Multiple Personalities_2021.pdf

Live is a series of intersections, but we never see more than one at a time. We constantly ignore the many sides of others because it's too much damn work to know who the whole person is. But in all fairness, it is equally hard for us to expose to others the total of who we are.

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About MJ

Baltimore City

PETER The waitress was telling me about her husband.   JOE Don’t pretend to like her stories. She’ll rattle 'em off like a machine gun if you let her. The story about her husband’s death is a favorite. It’s one of those things people around here tend to take sides on. You either believe her or you don’t. Now, she may be telling the truth, but my thought has always been, temporary insanity my ass. She knew exactly what she was doing when she pushed him. I know insanity. I’ve been there. Hi.... more

Growing into Me

The memories of my childhood can be summized in two words: it sucked. But I did survive it. Growing into Me are poems that chronicles a small portion of my experiences. Some of it is ugly, some of it is funny. All of it is true.

  • Growing Into Me.pdf

    Spoken with these words, that took me so long to find, that are scrutinized and rejected and tossed around, with letters that are infinite and symbols that separate my thoughts, here you will find the real me, exposed. I am no longer words swirling aimlessly in the wind. My fables have settled to rest with no plans of moving on soon. So join me for a moment, to see what lies upon the paper, raw, and unprotected.

    PDF icon Growing Into Me.pdf

Silent=Silence=Death=Silence For-fucking-ever-more

"There are so many silences that must be broken and transformed into language and action. Your silence will not protect you." (Audre Lorde)

Though this 10-minute play is about domestic violence, it is neither brutal nor horrific. There is, nonetheless, a scary part to it: the truth.

A Magical Fairytale for the 21st Century

Just a bit of fun with what a happy-ever-after would look like today. And since I was never read an honest-to-goodness openly  queer fairytale (gotta wonder about the seven dwarfs though), I figured it was time there was one for all the queer parents raising kids. This is the lighter side of life.

  • MagicalFariytale_Baker_122019.pdf

    ANGIO: Which friend, father? The space-cadet who keeps falling down the hill? Or the jerk who likes to watch the village panic every time he cries wolf?
    GINO: I hate that kid. He needs professional help. But, no, it wasn’t him. I’m almost certainly sure, with very little doubt, that it was that idiot girl who keeps losing her sheep. How many times must you lose your sheep before you realize you should not be in the sheep herding business?
    ANGIO: Apparently more than an infinite number.

    PDF icon MagicalFariytale_Baker_122019.pdf

Dyke Tracy: Murder at the Queen's Palace

It's another episode of Dyke Tracy. Back again to solve the obvious murder. Spoiler alert: If you're disappointed with this play, then just keep it to yourself; don't spoil it for anyone else.

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