Work samples

  • D.T. - “Flexx” Dance Visual
    In honor of the 2 year anniversary of my single “Flexx”, I decided to produce a dance visual to the song! This project gave me a chance to showcase my dance skills while also promoting my musical endeavors. Choreography by Camal Pugh. Filmed & Edited by Maggie Rudisill.
  • D.T. - “GANG” Music Video
    My latest single “GANG” is out now, with a music video! This project came out on my birthday weekend as a way to celebrate another year of life, growth, and healing. Filmed and edited by Maggie Rudisill!
  • D.T. Performance At “The Pursuit Of. A Dream” Concert
    Video footage from my live performance of “Like Ooh” and “Flexx”, two songs from my debut EP “Explorations”!
  • D.T.- Wavy Remix ( Music Video )
    My 2nd music video for the “Wavy Remix”. I executive produced this visual and wrote the song.

About DeVonte’

Baltimore City
I am a dancer, choreographer, creative director, rapper, singer-songwriter, and show curator. Born and raised in Baltimore, I have always seen the lack of funding and support for these disciplines and many more involving art expression. I want to be able to provide a platform for artists to grow, expand, and develop their own companies, organizations, shows, etc.

The Tribe Entertainment and Jabbar’s World Presents: The Explorations Experience

The Tribe Entertainment, an independent multi-media production company, in partnership with Jabbar's World, hosted and curated The Explorations Experience! This concert gave the audience a chance to voyage into the upcoming scene of talented rappers, singers, and dancers, while also providing local vendors the opportunity to be apart of the experience. The concert lasted three hours and the turn out was fantastic! The Tribe Entertainment will be continuing to curate these experiences and many others as we grow and bring in more funding!
  • Explorations Experience 2022
    This is the flyer we used to promote the event!
  • SamoneJay @ The Explorations Experience
  • D.T. @ The Explorations Experience
  • Prince Jabbar @ The Explorations Experience
  • 6F0C2F46-F5CE-49C1-AF64-C16BA2BBC3B6.jpeg
    Picture from The New Groove Concert
  • 190226DD-206C-4CD1-A944-452D16740E9E.jpeg
    The New Groove Promotional Flyer
  • 36D0BF6A-3228-47C3-BBAB-104AA8AE9E4D.jpeg
    Picture From The New Groove Concert

The Tribe Entertainment & Jabbar’s World Presents: The New Groove Concert

The New Groove Concert was a chance to give upcoming Baltimore based creatives and black owned businesse a chance to show the community we know how to groove ! Not only did we have talented rappers, singers, and one of the hottest upcoming DJ's, but we also had home cooked dinners, funnel cakes, and more! Each event continues to inspire me to give back to my community and peers!

  • The New Groove Flyer

The Tribe Entertainment & Jabbar’s World Presents: The Stargazers Party

The Stargazers Party was a NYE event that highlighted and celebrated some of Baltimore's upcoming talents! With food and live music, we brought in 2023 with a bang.
  • Stargazers Party Flyer
  • Photo from The Stargazers Party
  • Recap Image from The Stargazers Party

The Tribe Entertainment Presents: The Loud & Proud Concert

In co-ordination with Baltimore’s BLAQ Pride festivities, The Tribe Entertainment produced the Loud & Proud Concert! This concert highlighted 6 black, some queer, musical artists who are all representing pride in a different form. Whether it’s pride in themselves, their work, or their communities, they all brought a unique musical and world perspective to the event and provided engaging and entertaining sets for the audience to enjoy. 

  • The Loud & Proud Concert Flyer