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  • Little Monster in Performance Mode
  • Death Cult America
  • We love our Customers!
  • The Sharks on Chromatica

About Derek

Harford County
Derek Pentz is a theater and visual artist, writer, and painter. Derek is a recent graduate of Towson University with a Theater degree where Derek studied the theatrical relevance of Reality Television and developed his drag persona Zenobia Darling. Derek has exhibited and performed in Baltimore, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Cape Town. Derek can be found talking and writing about his love of reality tv and pop culture when not performing or painting. During Quarantine, Derek transitioned his… more
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Past Life Atlantean

Past Life Atlantean is an ongoing painting project of sea creatures and sea life paintings. Inspired by the mythology of the lost civilization of Atlantis and growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, this project explores the watery world of the oceans and the real and imagined organisms that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean.