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Dennis Gray 2015 Watercolor is the last thing in the world I expected to be involved in. My vision of myself was that of oil painter living by the water and going insane from licking the turpentine. Reality is my best friend. Black and white photography and the darkroom smell of hypo remained my passion for a lot of years. Being the last person with crystals and cellulose, I gave in to the digital camera. The expense is minimum and the world could be manipulated with little trouble.... more

Smith Island's disappearing beauty - recent Snap-shots

3 photos
2 painting

  • Shading the Desert

    Before the gated communities and the lust green golf courses, It was desert, AZ Biltmore Hotel Frank Lloyd Wright
  • One Eye and One Horn

    the truck used in the grave yard Ewell, MD
  • Red Line

    Riding in the bed of a Pickup Truck. On the one mile road between Rhodes Point and Ewell
  • No Place to Set your Eyes

    A lot of stories can be told about what you are seeing ... [This all started in the bed of a pickup truck] Look at the photo next door


a collection of moments

2 photos
1 Out door painting/mix media
7 watercolors

  • The cat named Cop-Car

    Oblivious to the miracle on 34th Street. Happy New Year, You filthy Animal photograph
  • the Pursue of Happiness.

    It is not sweet and becoming to die for one's country. [ Paraphrase from a poem by Wilfred Owen - killed in World War I] {please don't ask me about this] The Viet-Nam wall and flag is symbolized in the background. 27" x 41"
  • Attitude and Altitude

    A young man's playful way while chewing on a straw. 11.5"x16"
  • Trenton Street

    From Falls Rd., looking up to Maryland Avenue... Behind the old Morgan Door company... Or behind the new MICA building and Joe Square's. on North Avenue [Painting photographed behind glass]
  • Beginning of a New Era

    The background is a grain elevator denying its ease destruction. The foreground is a mechanism that was a part of an old modern era. I am sure it worked well. Surrounded our wild state flower. Port Covington. East of the Hanover Street Bridge ... a no-man's land ... before the building of a Walmart and a Sam's Club (now closed) Across from the Locke Insulator. 18" x 24" (46x61cm)
  • Pink Saddle

    A young woman at the water pump, behind the American Embassy in New Delhi. This is one of my favorite paintings 18" x 24" (46x61cm)
  • Cape May Point Birdhouse

    Migration of birds and those who make their home here ... It is a wonderful place. Cape May Point, NJ 12.25"x16" 31x40.5cm
  • India

    In a refuse bin, this is the threesome. Cow - Crow - Dog
  • Last house on Holland Island

    Photograph This last house on Holland Island has succumbed to the rising tides. This will be a future painting about the Sun and Glaciers and Tides and the Oceans who knows
  • Pryro Butt

    Out door piece Galvanized Steel Exposed to high heat and allowed to rust. Translucent Paint. Painted wood from an old chair. Stainless steel bolts.

Chesapeake Bay & Smith Island

small pieces of history

8 paintings
1 photo

  • The Fleet

    An exaggerated mooring of sailboats. I was going to name this:"a-tinka tink - a-tinka tink - a-tinka tink" . It could be anywhere. 24"x18" (61x46cm)
  • Soft-Crabber

    My friend Tim was great at standing on the bow of a skiff and fishing-up crabs trying to hide in the grass. When he saw this painting he renamed it: "Another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay" This was my first portrait in watercolors 1999
  • Slick Cam

    Photo "Slick Cam" is an old English sailors term for glassy water. The buoy (center right) is the Dorchester Crab Line. No crabbing
  • Go'in Home

    The tributaries connected to the Chesapeake Bay has hosted a variety of fish wanting to go home to lay their eggs. Determination. Collective determination. 24"x18" (61x46cm)
  • Lucky Transporter

    Lucky Transporter is a bulk carrier of sugar. The cranes open the hatches to unload its sweetness. This is the best I could do with the Domino sign. 16"x12" (40.5x30.5cm)
  • ...from the Marsh

    As seen from his window looking across the marsh, my friend's painting about his anger towards the Viet-Nam war is the basis of my painting about 9-11... As looking across the New Jersey marsh to the emptiness of the New York skyline . 18" x 24" (46x61cm)
  • Reuben's Self-Portrait

    The late Reuben Becker. Looking down the steps to Reuben's paintings that plays on colonial itinerary artist who mastered applying a well done face to a silly body with skinny arms. This is a fitting self-portrait for the "Smith Island Artist". 18" x 24" (46x61cm)
  • Perhaps the Last Smith Island Rooster

    There are no chickens or roosters left on Smith Island. This one is an anomaly and he wasn't around to much longer. People who get up early don't need this guy announcing the day. 18" x 24" (46x61cm)
  • Target Ship

    The Chesapeake Bay has a rusting remnant sitting on a sand bar. Built as a Liberty ship in Baltimore's Fairfield dry-dock (where my Father worked) it has been the target for aircraft, artillery, and commandos for close to 50 years. It has a strange beauty as you head out to her. Sun light illuminates the holes. On the shady side it hard to understand what she is. She is still being used. 24" x 18" (61x46cm)
  • from Puppy Hole

    Sculpture Between Crisfield and Smith Islands, in the Tangier Sound, there is a crater and it is called Puppy Hole. One of the deepest parts of the Chesapeake Bay. It looks like a crater on the moon. There are many islands that make up Smith but only 3 places are inhabited. Two communities, Ewell & Rhodes Point are connected by a mile road through the marsh and guts. Tylerton is alone. (As can be noted in my sculpture) Roughly the communities form a triangle. The yellow is an upside down Omega. There are holes in the islands for erosion ... being six inches above sea level.

Baltimore' Row Houses & other scenes

The symmetry of B-more's row houses, their cornices and how light moves across them.

  • 34th Street, Hon

    Hampden, B-more near the "Rocket to Venus" Looking west down the hill from the Xmas Miracle
  • Howard Street Bridge, Hon

    This bridge has always stood out. Even before the present paint job. B-more 16" x 24" (41 x 61cm)
  • Number 1

    The sign has been changed and the graffiti is gone at this Chinese Kitchen on Roland & 41st. Not much else has changed at this regional chain's store. There are 4 '#1's in the Baltimore area. Upper Hampden, B-more 24" x 18" (61 x 46cm)
  • Powers Street, Hon

    These unusual cornices and the color of the houses evokes the mightiness of Saint Basil's Cathedral in the Kremlin. Hampden, B-more 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Eutaw Place

    The never ending symmetry of the B-more row house. Reservoir Hill, B-more
  • 34th Street, Too

    The symmetry of B-more row houses on one side of the 'Miracle' on 34th Street. The castle in the background is the old Southern Police Station. Now finely renovated. Hampden, B-more 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Pillar of Song

    Sunday morning's farmer market under the Jones Falls Expressway. B-more The expression of Wall Art on a pillar, that is holding up the JF Expressway, completes the thought. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Angelo Pizza's "Angelo's"

    Corner of Keswick and 36th Streets. The "Largest Slice in Town". Store fronts continue breathe life into a neighborhood 24" x 18" (61 x 46cm)
  • Huntingdon, Hon

    Huntingdon Street Remington, B-more 24" x 18" (61 x 46cm)
  • Four Buildings

    New this year from the corner of Redwood and Light Streets looking Northeastward. Two are real and two are not.

Rappahannock, Smith and Deal Islands,

Reflections, skip-jacks, sails,

9 paintings
1 photo

  • Grand - Pops

    My Grand Father, circa 1950's, based on an 1 1/2" x 2" black and white snap-shot. Waterview, VA, on the Rappahannoch River, up from Urbana. I grew up going out in this skiff. He was a sculler. One big oar and looking forward . Trout lining for crabs ... the basket was loaded with chicken necks tied to heavy cordage. Sometimes went into the guts (marsh) to check his traps for muskrats. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Smith Island Crabber

    Michael Parks of Rhodes Point (Smith) Checking his line of (crab) pots as the sun is coming up. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Yellow Bucket

    Off of Tylerton, Tommy of Rhodes Point readies his scraper (boat) for "clean up time". The Chesapeake Bay awash over the deck prepares the boat for the morning. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Captain

    Ewell The engine of a work boat requires attention. I never saw this captain's face as my friend held a length conversation as we moved around the dock. 14" x 11" (36x28cm)
  • Asbury's Shanty

    Rhodes Point, Smith Island MD The shanty (a water-man's work place) was the hub of anarchy and the church was the sit of government. 24" x 18" (61 x 46cm)
  • Crab Paddles

    A fresh coat of paint before the season. The color of the paddle stuck into a float, identifies owners line of (crab) pots. The snag of a gaffing hook on the rope and a hydraulic winding wheel pulls the pot up. 15.75" x 24" (40x61cm)
  • Came About

    Labor Day - SkipJack Races - off of Deal Island These two SkipJacks passing one another took the form of a rocket ship reaching for the sky. The boat in the foreground has rounded the pylon (came about) and has the wind to her back. The old style skipjack in the background is lumbering in the wind. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • SkipJack Jib

    Labor Day - SkipJack Races - Deal Island The flurried jib gathered on the bowsprit of a skipjack is sculpture. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Bigbee's Jib [Skipjack]

    One of the Living Classroom's Skipjack

Reflections in glass and on water

Reflections in glass and water

  • A Charles St. Mannequin

    [Painting photographed behind glass] Between Reed & Charles Streets Over top of the liquor store Recent painting
  • Yellow on Brown

    The reflection on the Brown building as seen from the Mt. Royal Ave. bridge at the right time of day and season. Yes. The yellow is the Howard Street Bridge. [photograph of this painting is a bit iffy] 24" x 18" (61 x 46cm)
  • Jalousie Windows

    Hoss's house, Ewell The outside drama of light reflecting onto jalousie windows as seen from inside. Note: the circular grill (upper right corner) next to the dangling chain saw blade. The light on this island can be as exciting as Arles, France. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Flower Mart

    Chestnut & 36th Streets Hampden, B-more Looking outside and inside and behind you and around the corner. During the HON festival 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Just Your Style

    Chestnut at 34th Streets. Hampden, B-more The Miracle can be seen to the left Reflections under the awning of Linda's beauty and hair cutting salon. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • June E

    Ewell, Smith Island, MD Light being juggled by a wake (from our boat) A Smith Island work boat 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Glass Studio

    Clipper Mill. Across the tracks and stream from lower, west, Hampden (lol) Looking into the glass studio and reflecting the architectural design and glass sculpture from behind 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Loco Triptych

    The reflection from Cold Spring Lane on the doors of Loco door to Alonso's bar and restaurant. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Darrell ~ Dale

    Ewell, Smith Island, MD Light being juggled by a wake (from our boat) This is the Smith Island trash boat 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)
  • Spirits

    At the corner of Charles & Reed Streets Reflecting South toward the Monument. This store front had been an all night druggist long before CVS. 18" x 24" (46 x 61cm)

Walter's Art Gallery, etal

Museums have a ton of reflective information that our brain filters out.

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Life is full of segments. Random access allows only a glimpse.

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