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paintings, abstract art
Falling 38” x 21” Spray Paint on reclaimed wood

Abstract Lanscape

Abstract, Digital
16x20 - Digital

Square Landscapes

Abstract, Spray Paint, Texture
36x36 - Spray Paint on Canvas


A new series of paintings, using a new technique.


About David

Baltimore County

My Name is David Zobel and I am an illustrator, painter, and designer. I have been illustrating and painting since 2010 and designing since 1999. I went into graphic design out of high school because I was told by a high school teacher that I cannot draw and should not be doing art. Which was a shame because I loved art. But I listened to him and found my way to college, not pursuing art. Instead I majored in communication, which I did love, and found graphic design. I later received my masters in... more


I am fascinated by type and how it can be used to created texture and depth. All the works in this collection used type in different ways and different mediums.

Paint Pour

This project was an exploration of a new medium and method using a mixture of pouring mediums, paint, and silicone. These pieces are all about color and how they mix.

Abstract Landscape

This project was inspired by landscapes. My vision for these where to make it connected to the idea of landscapes, but leave them open enough for interpretation. I wanted the use of color and texture to be the driving force around these images.


This was an exploration of what I could achieves using the same process to create a design. I come up with this interesting aesthetic using digital manipulation. I recorded my steps and repeated that same process on different starting images. The results are similar, but they also have a different feeling to them. Some images I used the technique more then once on. The process has this very vertical drip like feeling which a lot of my traditional painting have as well.

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