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Geometric Mirrored Panel Design

Geometric Mirrored Panel Design on stained wood surface.

Angled Color Block

Angled Color Blocks - David Petr
Angled color blocks with textured background on wood.


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Baltimore County

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My art can be defined as personal experimentation. Media, materials, and canvases are always evolving based on random moments of inspiration. From 3D surfaces such as animal skulls and motorcycle tank to tranditional paper and canvas, I'm excited to not know what future works have in store. Coming from a family of seven artists across different platfroms and industries, I was fortunate to absorb many creative styles from an early age. My career has guided me down the path of graphic design, web... more

Geometric Mirrored Wood Panels

These geometric blocks are layered onto wood panels with a background koa wood stain. Although the larger blocks mirror from one panel to the next, the patterns within remain unique between the left and right panels. The two 18x24 inch panels are designed to sit 3 inches apart for a total width of the piece at 39 inches. With the resurgence of mid-century style, the market tends to get flooded with a lot of repetitively styled pieces. This artwork certainly carries its own unique aesthetic and twist on a loved genre of art.

Angled Color Blocks

This piece was my first experiment with natural wood surfaces as the canvas for my work. The design was carefully designed with many considered variations before settling on a color scheme and layout. The fine-line background of the piece was hand applied to add a level of texture behind the color blocks. 

Along the Coast - Organic Abstract

"Along the Coast" is a continued deviation from my recent pattern designs. The design evolved naturally with no planned concept ahead of brush meeting surface. This piece was created using solely brush and acrylic. The outlined "rocky" surface created a topographical feel as the final design emerged, hence the title "Along the Coast". 

Triptic Painted Deer Skulls

Deer shed their antlers every year. In the late winter just before spring hits, I go hiking in search of these racks. It’s partly to spend time outside as the weather begins to change, and partially to add the antlers to the pile I’ve been accumulating over the years. Last year, I came across these three skulls in different states of decay. The idea that one had a full rack with another broken and the last with no rack at all seemed like it would tell a great story when displayed together.

The line work on the surface of each also work to balance the skulls as they shift from center to right to left, each with their own unique twist. Oddly enough, the skull in the least state of decay with no lower deterioration is the skull with no antlers at all.

I love this piece and display it at the top of my stairs to be seen going to the second floor. It’s equally ominous and enjoyable to see it every time I go upstairs and also to see the startled reaction when people turn the corner and it takes them by surprise. Beautiful as they are, it’s still three skulls hanging on the wall.

Liquid Leather Plaster Art

Playing with some new materials, this textured plaster with the applied coloring comes out looking like a liquid leather surface. The plaster work is applied to wood paneling with an acrylic, satin overlay.

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