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ICABALTIMORE documentation 2020

Florida Storm

Florida Storm. ICABaltimore documentation 2020


2018 Colored pencil on paper ICABaltimore documentation 2020

The Golden Pillows

Part of a series from an exhibition in Orlando Florida


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Baltimore County

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David Jackson I was raised here in Baltimore and have been an artist for the past 10 years. I create as a release and a way to empty my head. These records of imagination from the past years begin to read, to me, as a diary.  2020 ICA Baltimore documentation session Artist. Creator of @Bmaartist on istagram. The official staff art instagram page of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Sold work to Rebecca Hoffberger, Director of the American Visionary Art Museum


Gouache on paper. Marker, highlighter, white out and pencil on paper. Gold leaf details.

  • The Golden Pillow

    2020 BADAS documentation session with Institution of Contemporary Arts
  • Sport

    Gouache on paper with gold leaf.
  • Untitled

    Marker on paper.
  • Sketchbook

    2020 Sumi ink on toned paper.
  • Alice

    While working for Disney, giving out wheelchairs. A man saw me drawing this and offered me my first gallery show.


This series was made while working security at the American Visionary Art Museum. After my employment I sold a work to the director of the museum Rebecca Hoffberger.

  • Lucky Tree

    2018 Colored pencil on toned paper
  • 90s

    Monkey fists and puffer jackets were stained in my head from the 90s
  • Storm

    Colored pencil on toned paper.
  • Swamp

    This is a distorted memory of the fireflies I saw while living in Florida.

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