Work samples

  • “Swimming in a Dream” - Song co-written and sung by Danielle, performed by Ari and the Buffalo Kings at Creative Alliance Baltimore

    "Swimming in a Dream" is a song I collaboratively created with my bandmate Ari Pluznik, as we sought to merge lyrics from our individual songs into one narrative evoking joy, self-doubt, and self-affirmation. This song, performed by our eclectic ensemble "Ari and the Buffalo Kings" allows the instruments and my voice to portray both the intimate points of the song, as well as the sense of victory over fears and doubt. 

  • "My Heart" - original song by Danielle performed with collaborative artists on the EP "Charm Collection"

    "My Heart" is an original song I wrote in the midst of a cold winter, as I imagined the sound of a lone oud playing a kind of trance. I brought this simple and open song to my friends and collaborators, Ari Pluznik (guitar) and Samantha Flores (cello) who developed these haunting and beautiful solos. Once in the studio, I was able to also play my flute solo on top of the ukulele ostinato, incorporating musical influences from my time living in Palestine. 

  • "I Pray" - original song by Danielle performed by Danielle and her Bluegrass-inspired string trio, the Bayberries

    "I Pray" is a song that I wrote while staring up at the ceiling one night, unable to sleep. It evokes the feelings of uncertainty that come with the passage of time for any person moving through adulthood, the eagerness to get to a goal or attain a role in life, and the paradoxes that one discovers in life. This was performed by my Bluegrass-Inspired string trio, the Bayberries, at the Peabody Conservatory Library. 

  • “Get Real” - original piano solo performed by Danielle and Ari and the Buffalo Kings at An Die Musik Baltimore

    "Get Real" is a song written by Ari Pluznik for our group "Ari and the Buffalo Kings." It offers beautiful space and openness for each band member to take a solo and interpret the feelings of the lyrics in our own ways. 

About Danielle

Baltimore City

Danielle Williams (Baltimore, MD) is a singer/songwriter, composer, conductor, and passionate music educator who uses her international experiences to shape her role as a teacher and inspire artistic collaborations. Danielle has led and created projects with musicians, actors, and visual artists around the world, including the U.S., Brazil, France, Tunisia, Palestine, and Tanzania. 

Singer/Song-Writer Projects

In my original songs, I often draw inspiration from nature, imagery, and musical styles from all the places where I've lived around the world. More recently, I've been exploring my roots in Tennessee, diving into mandolin and bluegrass-style playing and singing with several groups in the Baltimore area. 

  • "Rain"

    "Rain" is a song I wrote, connecting nature to emotions as I often do in my songs. One rainy April day in Baltimore inspired me to think of all the ways my emotions come and go like the season, as depicted in this song. This was performed on my EP "Charm Collection." 

  • "Humming Wings"

    "Humming Wings" is a song I wrote that directly connected feelings I had from my experience living in Palestine to the feelings I had in my new home of Baltimore. I aimed to reflect on the ways inequity has been perpetuated and felt in both places for so many people. This was performed on my EP "Charm Collection." 

  • "Source of Information"

    I wrote this piece in April, 2020 as a part of the United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Incorporating lyrics in 5 languages, the song is intended to share both a message of education as well as hope to nations around the globe.

Original Instrumental Compositions

As an instrumental composer, I strive to create music that transports listeners into different scenes, weaves new stories through minds, or uplifts voices less heard. 

  • Scenes of Ramallah

    This piece was performed by violinist Adrian Anantawan and composed in honor of my friends and colleagues at the Al Kamandjati Music School in Palestine. The piece concept was inspired by the four lion statues in the Palestinian city of Ramallah. The piece depicts an imagined scene of the stone lions coming to life and joyfully racing through the city's hills and surrounding olive groves.

  • "What We Will Be"

    I had the chance for my original composition "What We Will be" to be selected for the El Sistema USA National Seminario and Gala in 2022. More than 100 students from across the USA came together through a virtual performance of the piece.

  • "Water for My Soul" - movement from my piece "Wicked Spirits"

    Composed for the organization Shelter Music Boston, I sought to incorporates musical themes and text composed by homeless shelter residents in a collaborative composition project facilitated by Shelter Music. One of the project participants wrote the words, "Music keeps the wicked spirits in line," which became the motivic and artistic inspiration for my piece. "Wicked Spirits" was composed for and performed here by Shelter Music Boston Founder, Julie Davis.

  • "Release"

    I composed this piece for the organization Shelter Music Boston, as a part of a collaboration using the beautiful text written by a homeless shelter residents in response to hearing a live music performance by these musicians. 

  • "Delfines"

    Composed as a part of the Teach to Learn Fellowship 2020, this piece uses the surreal text by Argentinian poet Silvina Ocampo in her poem "Delfines" or, in English, "Dolphins." This project served as a musical exploration into the Argentinian style of Zamba and was performed by me and my collaborators Ari Pluznik on guitar, and Rodolfo Escalona on bomba. Video was filmed in Baltimore Harbor, Maryland USA.

Multimedia Collaborations

These works of art are known as "Concert Diachromies"-- a term coined by my collaborator, previous professor, and renowned French visual artist, Colette Albiolo. These involve massive multimedia projections of Albiolo's artwork set to live performances of my compositions. Both the music and visual art have been influenced by the settings in which they are performed-- art samples here are from our creations which took place in Tunisia, Tanzania, and Boston, USA.

  • "Blue des Sables" performed in Tunisia

    This story, told through my originally composed music, Arabic and French poetry, featured the projected art by Colette Albiolo and music and dance professors at the Tunis Institute of Higher Studies. The poem, written by Albiolo, led the audience through a brilliantly colorful journey of a weary traveler through the desert and into a mysterious Arabian citadel.

  • "Treasure of the Sleepy Drago"

    "The Treasure of the Sleepy Dragon" presented a spectacular multimedia story combining my originally composed music along side student-created art, dance, and song! This multidimensional musical collaboration featured the vibrant artwork of Colette Albiolo, Josiah Quincy Orchestra, Dance Ensemble, and Choir. Together, we premiered a musical story which was written collaboratively by Josiah Quincy students and myself. The Josiah Quincy music program is inspired by El Sistema, the Venezuelan curriculum that uses music education as a vehicle for social change.

  • "Ndoto"

    Ndoto, the Swahili word for 'Dream', was a performed in Arusha, Tanzania, and featured a novel collaborative project with visual artist Colette Albiolo, choreographer Tiana Rozencwajg, and the Umoja Music School teachers. This origianl composition tells the story of a group of Maasai children who fall asleep and dream that they are transformed into tiny ants! 

Orchestral Conducting Work

In my work as a conductor, I have had the chance to conduct orchestras around the globe including the Philharmonie du Provence in France, the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra's educational concerts, the Al Kamandjati student Orchestra, Colombia's Batuta's Symphony Orchestra, and in the German Network ZDF's televised "Christmas in Bethleham" concert for two years. In Baltimore, I had the chance to work with Mind on Fire ensemble in conducting their performance of Bobby Ge's "Nanjing West Road" in 2023. 

  • Conducting Mind on Fire's ensemble in a performance of Bobby Ge's "Nanjing West Road"

    This video captured the premier of the piece "Nanjing West Road" composed by Bobby Ge premiered by Mind on Fire at Current Space, in Baltimore, MD June 2023

    Danielle Williams, conductor

    Allison Clendaniel, soprano

    Jason Charney, technical director/audio recording Sebastian Suarez-Solis, videography/editing Stephanie Ray, flute Brian Tracey, clarinet James Young, bassoon/mixing Ty Page, saxophone Shelly Purdy, percussion Lisa Perry, keyboard Peter Kibbe, cello Will Yager, double bass

  • Conducting guest artists in a performance of Al Kamandjati's "Silk Road"

    An international collaboration of artists, musicians, and dancers came together to tell the story of Marco Polo's journey across the Silk Road. Performed in Bethlehem, Palestine in 2018.

  • Conducting the ZDF German Network's "Christmas in Bethlehem"

    "Christmas in Bethlehem" recorded and televised by the German ZDF network across Europe. Filmed and performed in Bethlehem, Palestine. Featuring numerous world-renown musicians and performers.

  • Conducting the Colombian Youth Orchestra "Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Batuta"

    Rehearsal of Nutcracker Suite (Tchaikovsky) with the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil Batuta in Bogota, Colombia. 


Instrumental Performances

As a multi-instrumentalist, I regularly perform on flute, piano, mandolin, ukulele, organ, hand percussion, and as a vocalist.

  • Performing Flute with the Dalouna Ensemble

    I performed on flute with Ramzi Aburedwan and his Dal'ouna Ensemble while on their U.S. tour. The Dal'ouna ensemble’s repertoire extends from Egypt to Palestine to Andalusia, passing through various regions and traditions of the Middle East, and adding medieval and jazz accents to a musical confluence of East and West. This performance took place at An Die Musik in Baltimore, MD.

  • Performing piano with the Al Kamandjati Arabic Ensemble

    While living in the West Bank (Palestine), I performed regularly with the faculty Arabic Ensemble of Al Kamandjati Music School in Ramallah. Here is an excerpt of a traditional piece we performed at the Mahmoud Darwish museum in Ramallah. 

  • Performing on Organ in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

    I was grateful for the incredible opportunity to perform "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" on the beautiful organ at the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem, Palestine. Here, I was featured as a soloist and conductor in this German ZDF Networks televised "Christmas in Bethlehem" Program.

  • Performing Flute with Choro Sincapado ensemble

    As a founding member of the Boston-based group Choro Sincopado, I performed and learned the Brazilian Choro style of music. Here, we performed "Noites Cariocas" at Harvard Art Museum's Adolphus Busch Hall Arts First festival.



Teaching Artistry

In 2018 I joined the dynamic team at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids Program, where I currently serve as Directof or Education. Prior to this, from 2016-2018 I lived in Palestine (The West Bank), joyfully teaching and conducting at the Al Kamandjati Music SchoolI  received my Master's Degree in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education "Arts in Education" program in Boston, USA. From 2013-2015, I worked as the first Boston Philharmonic Fellow with Benjamin Zander's Orchestra in Boston, Massachusetts. There, I established and directed the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra's Crescendo! Education and Community Engagement Program in twelve Boston area schools, developing the music education curriculum, and conducting the BPO's Classroom Concert chamber orchestras. Before this work with the Boston Philharmonic, I served as the Piano Fellow with the Umoja Arts School in Arusha, Tanzania from 2011-2013. In Arusha, I had the joy to teach private lessons in piano, flute, and voice, while also conducting youth ensembles. During my time in Tanzania, I also worked as professor of composition and arranging at Makumira University.


  • Director of Education at Baltimore Symphony's OrchKids Program

    I have been proud to serve as Director of Education for the BSO's OrchKids program since 2018, as we help provide nearly 1,800 students in 7 Baltimore City Schools with music education access.

  • Collective Composition with Baltimore Symphony's OrchKids Program

    Each year the Baltimore Symphony OrchKids sets a week aside to carry out a collective composition project that ends with a showcase performance of the collective piece. I along with a team of teachers help to facilitate the workshop and performance, such as the excerpt seen here from 2023.

  • Teaching in Crescendo

    From 2013-15, I served as Director of Education and Outreach programs in 12 Boston-area schools and El Sistema Programs as a part of a two-year Boston Philharmonic fellowship, launched and lead Boston Philharmonic Children’s Pre-concert Talks, developed curriculum for all school outreach programs grades k-5, conducted 12 Classroom Concerts, and worked as assistant to Conductor Benjamin Zander and Senior Advisor Mark Churchill.

  • Original Children's Story "How Anis Told His Story"

    As a part of my Arts Education Degree, I created a children's audio book which tells the story of a young boy whose life is changed by music. This was based on a true life story of a Palestinian friend.

  • Harvard Education "Ed Talk"

    Part of the Ed Talk series given at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I spoke on my experience as a teaching artist collaboratively making music with youth in Palestine.