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I have been working as an artist for 38 years. I never formally studied art. Rather, following my interests, I made a study of art. In that respect I suppose I am self taught. For the most part, stained glass has been my primary medium. I have worked on many commissions, both private residences and public spaces. Over the years my work has come to include drawing, painting, and sculpture . The sculptures have been largely of two types: steel and stained glass constructions, and assemblages of... more

Enoch Pratt Public Library - Roland Park

Design and fabrication of the etched glass curtain wall connecting the original historic building with the new addition. The design acts as an interface between the old and new structures. The wall of glass is an embellished 'L' configuration approximately 12.5 feet (height) x 40 feet (length).

Five Floor Arches

Stained glass window for conference room in AARP Headquarters, 6th and E Streets, N>W> Washington D.C. Stained glass, etched glass, zinc glazing, applied steel. One of seven glass artists from across the United States commissioned to design stained glass works for A.A.R.P. Headquarters.


Autonomous stained glass window. Stained glass, lead glazing, applied steel, 25" x 40"

In Grey

Autonomous stained glass window

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