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Ph.D. Mathematics, Columbia University, N.Y., 1981 Studied art at San Francisco Art Institute, California College of the Arts, Oakland, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, Art Students League, NYC, and more recently at Howard Community College, MD Winner of the President’s Award, Fall 2008 Students Show, HCC. Exhibitor at: HoCoArts, 2009 Less is More, 2013, St Johns College, Annapolis, MD 2014 PSC Domenic DiStefano Memorial's Works on Paper Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA Less is More. 2014, St... more

Analog/Digital images

These images, along with the accompanying Portrait project, all began as charcoal drawings from life. I then worked with the drawings using various Photoshop features to manipulate into new images. I call this method analog/digital.
The images exist virtually, and "exist" only when printed out. Using a high quality printer and paper brings out the image to their best. The term Giclée has been used for such a print, but I want to emphasize that what I am doing here is different than reproducing a picture done in a traditional medium.
There is the question of craftmanship and uniqueness of such prints. Photoshop is so intricate that using it might be considered virtual craftmanship. It is true that every print is identical (except possibly its size), so there is no notion of uniqueness Even if the artist promises a limited edition, there is no guarantee provided by destroying the "plate" , as there is no way of assuring that every digital copy has been permanently deleted.
The printed image size is variable. There is a limitation due to digital resolution.

Recent Paintings

I like doing these to experiment with color, which my biggest weakness. These are done free from the tyranny of the real ("paint what you see"). The paintings are oil, pastel, an charcoal on wood.

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