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A master of two mediums, Claudia L. Brookes has been a full time artist for the past 11 years, after working for many years in the medical publishing industry. She paints in both watercolor and oil, and since 2007 has specialized in competitive plein air landscape oil painting. Brookes has been juried into 9 plein air competitions, including Easton Plein Air (2009 & 2008), Paint Annapolis (2009, 2008 & 2007), and Wayne, PA (2009). Typically working with an alla prima ("all-at-... more

After the Rain, Taylor's Landing

I had a wonderful trip down to Snow Hill, Maryland, and really enjoyed the experience of getting around the area, painting as many of the landings as I could in a short couple fo days. We had beautiful light for plein air painting in May, and the puddles were fun to try to capture in paint.

Midday at the Landing

This was another painting done en plein air on a trip to Snow Hill, Maryland. A lot of painters don't like the light at midday, but this was my second painting of the day, and I was on a roll and couldn't stop. I actually liked the big contrasts that resulted from midday light in this picture--for some reason, even though it is Maryland, it has a Dutch feel to me--

Artist in her Garden

I don't often put figures into my paintings, but this is one I couldn't resist--the artist painting (no, it isn't me) was so perfect, and also I could see that she had enough repetitive movements as she painted that I would be able to capture her gesture. I love this painting-it won a significant prize, but I have never wanted to sell it. It is truly a plein air painting, and has never been touched since the days I worked on it--the first day the figure went in, and the next I returned to paint the garden, and was lucky to ahve exactly the same light.

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