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Fade Catcher

Photographic montage: Flash photography, digital painting, collaging and scanning processes.

She is the Bull and Matador

Photographic Montage: Flash photography, with digital painting, collaging and scanning.

Ajese Ojiji (Shadow boxing)

Photographic Montage: Flash Photography and Digital Collage.

We paddle through fallen waters towards the song of new hope.

Photographic Montage: Flash photography with Digital collage and software editing processes.


About Chukwudumebi Gabriel

Baltimore City

            Chukwudumebi Gabriel Amadi-Emina is a Nigerian-American contemporary Photographic and video artist, currently residing in the Baltimore area, Maryland. Gabriel got his BFA in Photography and graphic design from Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. Andgot his MFA in photographic and electronic media from the Maryland Institute College of Art.             Gabriel’s artistic journey began when he migrated to the United States... more

Embodied: Coming to America

Embodied: Coming to America, showcases photographic montages that explore narratives of struggle, resistance, and revelation. Depicted as both a ritualistic and cultural experience of a black body embodying two perspectives. This embodiment leads to the creation of a new kind of “other”. The

“other”, in this case, is the hybrid perspective that is derived from the fusing the two perspectives. Which are completely different, yet still exist in the contextual framework of blackness. This leads to the question of what the role of the “other” is in the current discourse in black culture in America; while still trying to navigate and understand spaces of the dominant society that has a history of discriminating those whose lineage are connected to Africa.

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