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Rabbit God

Headress wearing sacred hare.
A mixed metal fetish inspired by the Myan culture. 24"h x 20"w x 20"d


A metal and wood tribute to one of our more prickly rodents 2022

Fox Mask

Metal assembly of a stylized fox fetish. 2022. 26”l x 15”h x 8”w

The Goat

A contemporary vision of a ceremonial goatd goat dirty. 2022 24”l x 16”h x 14”w


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Carroll County

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I'm a vintage 1955,old guy;born in Salem Mass;raised in New England.I've been with my soulmate for 31 years. Animal lover, gardener, and gearhead. BFA from VCU 1977. MFA degree from Rinehart at MICA. My work has garnered a few prizes and awards; and has been exhibited in Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, and NYC. I retired from a 25 year run with IATSE Local 487, building props and sets for TV and film. I'm now working full time making my visions a reality. Itake my work seriously; myself  not so much.... more


A metal and wood tribute to one of our more prickly rodents. 2022

  • .Porcupine

    A metal and wood tribute to one of our more prickly rodents. 2002 24”l x 14”h z 10”w

The Goat

A metal and fiber depiction of a goat, enhanced with colored pencil. 2022 24"l x16"h x 13"w

  • The Goat

    24”h x 16”h z 13”w 2022 Wood and metal

Fox Mask

Metal fox head depiction. 2022  26"l x 15"h x 8" w

  • Fox Mask

    Metal depiction of a fox head. 2022 26”l x 15”h x 8”d


LongFace is part of an ongoing  study of ceremonial masks. This work is a contemporary vision of the horse mask used in many First Nation peoples celebrations. This work is made of mixed metals and leather. Dimensions are 30.5"h x 13.5"w x 31"l .2021


A modern interpretation of the crow ; an important deity in many cultures. Constructed of leather and various metal pieces. Dimensions are 24"h x 15"w x 31"l. 2021


One of a series of re-imagined  ocean dwellers , made of found objects and metals. Dimensions are 19"h x 14"w x 27"d.   2020


A piece paying homage to the noble cephalopods. Created from various found metal objects. Dimensions are 27"h x 16"w x 39"l  2021


An imagined resident of the Seven Seas. Assembled from a variety of metal parts. Dimensions are 24"h x 10.5"w x 37.5"l  2020

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