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a tower viewer

Mixed Media Interactive Sculpture, 2018

Wide Open Skies

I create mixed media and immersive video art in response to interactions I experience while sharing open and public spaces with others. Urban settings inspire my art practice because there is always something happening. I have a growing catalog of work that comprises the following: drawings I have made while sitting in airports, train stations, casinos, places of business, public parks, and government buildings; live-action videos of walking and driving; and audio recordings and interviews with people I have encountered.

Fuzzy Dice

Mixed Media Sculpture, 2018

Fuzzy Dice

Video embedded in the pips of the fuzzy dice


About Christopher

Baltimore City

Christopher Kojzar received his B.A. in International Affairs and Economics from George Washington University in 2005 and studies Intermedia and Digital Art at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County  Christopher’s interdisciplinary practice encompasses drawing, video installation, publication, functional design, and group performance collaboration. His visual work is highly representational with raw, sublime, and expressive qualities. He is the recipient of scholarships from the Haystack... more

Tower Viewer

  • Tower Viewer Use

    Video plays as someone uses the tower viewer
  • Wide Open Skies

    I create mixed media and immersive video art in response to interactions I experience while sharing open and public spaces with others. Urban settings inspire my art practice because there is always something happening. I have a growing catalog of work that comprises the following: drawings I have made while sitting in airports, train stations, casinos, places of business, public parks, and government buildings; live-action videos of walking and driving; and audio recordings and interviews with people I have encountered.

Drawings and Mixed Media

cinematic, political, figurative, strings, ink, pencil, charcoal,prints, material, expressive, language, obsessive, drawing, writing, consumption, prolific, intense, labor, personal, baroque, all over the place, colorful, two dimensional, functional, non-functional, painterly, lines, handmade, exploratory, consumer, studio, constructed, landscapes, collage, amateur, music-inspired, defunct, irreverent, societal, indistinguishable, object-oriented, attentive, fun, amusing, process-driven, massive, daily, friendly, travel, stream of consciousness, dialogue, digital, detailed

  • Interwoven Landscape

    2014 || 56" x 100" || packaging tape, guage wire, paper, prints, watercolor, mylar, gel, screws, acrylic, string ||| When making a piece of work, meditate on it. Time doesn't mean anything. Often you are channelling memories. Give into the process
  • Studio work - Weaving

    A short video showing the construction of "Interwoven Landscape"
  • Lunch

    2015 || 54" x 120" || colored pencil, ink, watercolor, pen ||| Some places just do not exist. Or perhaps a memory collides with a dream and then it amounts to deja vu outside a McDonald's in Morrocco. I've been here before, in this situation, and I dismiss it when my hunger is satiated.
  • What is and is Never Finished

    2016 (in progress) || 48" x 96" || pencil, pen, charcoal, transparent prints, gel medium, acrylic, porn ||| Illustrate, tear it apart, hide it, bury it in your studio, burn it, draw on it, slap glue on it, call it a collage, call it expression, but whatever you do, don't call it high art. It's on a 4x8 sheet of Home Depot 1/2" birch plywood, for God's sake. It'll bend, I'll cut it up, slap some lights on it, paint it and call it a masterpiece when it's done. Anything is for sale
  • Township

    2014 || 52" x 92" || pencil, charcoal, pen ||| He has no idea, but Nelson Rivas's mural on Broadway Street is such an inspiration for me. I never take it for granted when I drive through East Baltimore.
  • Home

    2013 || 48" x 86" || Pencil, charcoal, pen ||| You get to know a family pretty well when you work in their home. The son's a momma's boy, the father is a workaholic, the mother is an extreme nitpicker, and the daughter, well, she just can't even. Eh, it's like every other family - this one is no more, no less crazy.
  • The Office

    2014 || 48" x 100" || Pencil & charcoal ||| Specific Observable Traits: slaps windows when cold; carries people on back; grunts over coffee; stomps on wall when lying on floor; smacks face to stay focused; scratches head when starting car; furrows brow when masturbating; combs hair with coin; whistles when holding hands; opens bottle with teeth; levitates above toilet; walks backwards when waving goodbye; wears sunglasses at night; blinks one eye at a time; exposes underwear / bra when bending; gulps down drinks; cradles neck when asking questions
  • The Foundry

    2013 || 86" x 48" || pencil, pen, charcoal ||| opens boxes from the bottom; tears up winning lotto ticket; carries pillow case over arm; pets reflective surfaces; turns up radio to drown out people; sweeps floor with tiny duster; checks time on wrist; pulls plug out of wall from the cord
  • Yeah, this is Honolulu

    2013 || 86" x 110" || pencil, pen, charcoal, acrylic, string, vellum, roofing paper || Honolulu is not all pretty. Parts of the town are seedy. there are rats, lots of people do meth, chinatown is dirty, many people are homeless, traffic is The worst. tons of mopeds. The idea of paradise is unreal. CCBC Essex : Touched with Fire Exhibit
  • Dancers #10

    printmaking, pointillism, wood, two dimensional
    2013 || 28" x 50" || xylene trasfer, pencil, pen, colored pencil, wood panel ||| Number 10 in a series of ten different methods to transfer an original photocollage of New Orleans marching bands. Gel transfers, Digital C prints, pointillism are some examples of the methods used.

Video Poetics

go to a show that’s not entertaining / get on stage / cry for a few months straight over nothing but self-pity / dance / sit with your thoughts / eat a bunch of weird food / change your diet / befriend a redhead, slowly, then fast, then sllo-o-owly / befriend a dog, rapidly, then slowly, then fuck with it ‘til it bites you / treat babies like adults / assume all people are pedophiles / be rough in the sack with someone you love / love someone in the sack when it’s time to be rough / take on a fad or two/cry when you look at a tree/ befriend children to remind yourself of your youth / have children to grow old / listen to talk radio / keep pace with shifts in music / admit self defeat / treat strangers like psychiatrists / act twice your age to understand the phrase “spending time” / listen to your peers / notice how the sunlight reflects on everyday objects / make up a word and define it / find a bug that mirrors your plight / provoke the ending of a friendship / provoke the beginning of a relationship / despise attachments / gain 40 lbs, lose 40 lbs / walk around the house semi-nude in the daytime with windows open / act like a monkey / scream / laugh a bunch / draw a bunch of scriblins’ / enjoy the heat / do exactly what birds tell you to do, even if they say to walk like a crab / if you don’t have birds, listen to the planes / say the words ‘love you’ / spend all your money / quit / nap a lot / clean the kitchen sink / work up the nerve to hump the ground / listen to bjork / look at your reflection in the bathroom faucet / light a torch / walk barefoot / learn the value of spooning someone you barely know / talk endlessly about meaningless stuff without directing the conversation towards sexual euphemisms / shut the fuck up / stay humble except when drunk, dancing singing, painting, drawing, fearing the youth or playing tennis / listen to a baby cry / talk to your neighbor / map out your breathing pattern / take the bus / get into a harmless car accident deliberately / wrestle / climb a tree / miss a friend / give something you truly value to someone you truly hate / mix some kind of powder into water, then drink it / travel int’l / stay confused / prepare to get fucked, figuratively / listen to your neighbors / pretend you have a baby inside you and wait ‘til nighttime to give birth / keep secrets / write down the secret to life / get scared of cats / take in the smell of semen / mark yourself with society / meditation / born circa 1978 / watch a football game / Fuck it, go to concert / best yet, attend a park festival / Overhear someone say something brutally honest about your mom or people who are wholly un- American / Eat Greek food, and caress an unfamiliar small dog.

When that’s over, you can roll around in the grass. Expand your life by seven years and Live loudly.

  • Black Gold

    2016 [|||] Narrative Sound and Digital Media [|||] It's about travel, oil, adjusting the landscape of this planet through means of consumption. Sacred lands are plowed, there are ghosts in the airs of America. What we hold onto is tangible, what we leave behind is destructive. I am culpable as well; This is a developing series using found sounds, collaged prints, & no words. Original photography sourced from around the world. The goal is to make art that does not exist as object - to be shared constantly.
  • Traveling

    Trust me, we all want to live in California. You ever build a piece of crappy furniture? Welcome to America. You ever make an ‘investment’ on credit? You ever drink moonshine out of your tap dancing uncle’s garage? Welcome to America. You ever visit a prison? Welcome to America. You ever wish you were Puerto Rican since everyone nowadays looks Puerto Rican? Welcome to America. Visit San Juan. You ever let a guy think he’s the MAN just so you can get a better idea about how to act like a man when there are no men who really act whole? Welcome to America.
  • A Walk with Magritte || Collabo with JM Johnston ||

    Short Film || 2015 || You ever speak stream of consciousness to think that you’re learning something about yourself when really you’re just keeping your mind off suicidal thoughts? Welcome to America. Welcome to America. Do you ever wish you were just a redneck? Welcome to America. Have you ever realized how much easier it is for a man to say ‘no’ to genius and how hard it must be for a woman to walk down an alley at night? You ever visit a department store just to cherish the moment? Welcome to America.
  • Human Trafficking

    What you’re not really missing inmate number 63518 - 308B4 Federal prison camp P.O. Box A Alderson, WV 24910 INMATE NAME & REGISTER NUMBER FPC ALDERSON FEDERAL PRISON CAMP GLEN RAY RD. BOX A ALDERSON, WV 24910 Dear Monique, It’s spaghetti night.

Working Studio II (2016)

I am using several different mediums to convey a personal message about capitalism in America. I am interested in the workday and believe that it is composed of a series of rituals and routines, of work and non-work, and of occupation and idleness. To me, idleness ironically mirrors theatrical gestures yet it’s far removed from the idea of play; for in between the moments of work, there exists a liminality. Since, liminality is neither ‘here nor there’, it can be both physical and intangible, yet “it slips through the network of classifications that normally locate states and positions in cultural space.” My intention is to interpret the liminal spaces in the workday by combining sound, drawing, text, video and photography in my arts practice.

I understand the products of labor to be changing as the world moves into a new era of capitalist ideals, and I am therefore trying to visualize and take note of the moments between working, leisure, and existing . Moments when we identify with our work yet understand that we aren’t free from the structure that makes labor exist. Some examples include:

boarding a train ; waiting to be laid off ; waiting for a bus ; a security guard standing watch ; day laborers waiting to be picked up ; writing code while music plays ; corporate group training exercises ; the water cooler ; picking up coffee for coworkers ; corporate campus activities ; dreaming about spreadsheets; traffic ; falling asleep at the desk ; the smoke break ; taking lunchtime to feed your cat ; standing at a check-in line ; dropping children off at school ; cashing a paycheck ;sending moneygrams ; the interview

A major byproduct of this research has been the stratification of economic class systems. This puts the middle class phenomena under a microscope, wherein ‘work’ connotes a practice that does not necessarily equate to happiness, yet still serves as a touchstone to the embetterment of our civilized society. A lapse of the capitalist structure is part of the picture that I expect to create. I consider how labor is happening because there is a disassociation between work and consumer culture that interest me, especially in light of “product” and the nuances of class. How and Why do we buy into cultural norms are questions I seek to address in my work.

  • Studio Panorama

    Installation, Mixed Media, Virtual Reality, Documentary, Spanish, Studio, Christopher Kojzar
    "The Corner" Studio Installation [|||] Mixed Media [|||] 2016 [|||] This is a panoramic photograph of a studio installation I created in December 2016.
  • The Corner (the woven structure)

    Weaving, Installation, Immersive Experience,Installation, Mixed Media, Virtual Reality, Documentary, Spanish, Studio, Christopher Kojzar
    It begins by entering a room where one sees reflections in straight ahead. A tight walkway with drawings to the left and silhouettes pulled taut by stings to the right. These silhouettes represent the day laborers who occupy a public space that has no significance to the average American. It is a corner, but more. For those men, it is a gathering place and a community. Some men have been coming to the same location for 5+ years to bond with others, have a morning coffee, and find work. The space is a foreign tableau. It's Spanish-speaking, almost not the United States.
  • Studio Shot Detail

    Me: How long have you been coming here looking for work? [|||] Interviewee: 10 months [|||] Me: Do you have work now? [|||] No, not yet. I’m looking. [|||] Me: And the people who drive here, are there any problems with them? [|||] No there’s no problem. The only problem that they kick us out of here - the people of royal farms. They treat us bad. If we don’t come here to find work, we can’t pay rent.
  • Around the Corner

    Drawing, Photogrpahy, Virtual Reality, Installation, Mixed Media, Virtual Reality, Documentary, Studio, Christopher Kojzar
    Drawings are a method to develop a language. A briefcase houses a headset that plays a video in virtual reality. The briefcase itself is a distinction of class, business, and forgotten memorabilia of a different time. An animation plays of men walking in place. Upward mobility is, of course, conditional.
  • The Drawings

    Documentation, Video, Studio Visit,
    This panoramic photograph displays the drawings that occupy the space. It is finding the image of labor. What does 'working' mean nowadays? How much sweat and back is put into professions?
  • Looking beyond yourself

    Virtual Reality, Video, Studio Visit, Installation, RTKL Fellowship, UMBC
    A Virtual Reality portion of the Installation is meant to separate the viewer from the immediate environment. The voices of those who I interviewed play on from behind the mirrors.
  • Interview Sample Day Laborers

    I chose to communicate in Spanish because the majority of these men are Hispanic. As the interviewer, I am displaced from my role as a citizen to someone who has entered a different community. All audio is in Spanish
  • The Corner Studio Installation

    This video is a reactualization of someone walking into The Corner Installation. The audio is sourced from interviews I held with some of the men who occupied the space. Many men did not want to talk. Many men did not want to be near me or be photographed. Drawing and Performance are my responses to their interviews
  • Aesthetics of Idleness

    This is a 360 degree video. Put on VR goggles to watch. It shows me tying and untying a tie as I drive from one end of Route 40 to go East into Baltimore. I am in a car - a seat of power that many often take for granted. Many of the men on the corner walk to the corner to enter cars of people they do not know. Trust is an aspect of their lives. Trust to be paid, trust to enter a stranger's car, trust to earn a livelihood. This is a segment of a video. The entire video is 50 minutes.
  • Studio Documentation Video

    Spaces and language are very rich in Baltimore. We have so many places where several different ethnicities interact, all speaking different languages and dialects, and creating communities that are fluid and transient. Walking thru these streets, it's easy to assume categorizations and ignore the reality of situations.

Inside / Outside Exhibit - Unemployed Politicans

“The nature of the criminal justice system has changed. It is no longer primarily concerned with the prevention and punishment of crime, but rather with the management and control of the dispossessed.” ―Michelle Alexander

Regarded fetishisticly in the psycho-sexual racial imagination of youth culture, the real bodies of young black men are daily viciously assaulted by white racist violence, black on black violence, the violence of overwork, and the violence of addiction and disease. In her introduction to The Body in Pain, Elaine Scarry states that “there is ordinarily no language for pain,” that “physical pain is difficult to express; and that this inexpressibility has political consequences.” This is certainly true of black male pain. Black males are unable to fully articulate and acknowledge the pain in their lives. They do not have a public discourse or audience within racist society that enables them to give their pain a hearing. Sadly, black men often evoke racist rhetoric that identifies the black male as animal, speaking of themselves as “endangered species,” as “primitive,” in their bid to gain recognition of their suffering. ― Bell Hooks in Eating the Other : Desire and Resistance

  • Unemployed Politicians

    16' x 8' x 10' || 2015 || Inside / Outside Exhibit || The Creative Alliance ||| It’s not that Americans are incorrect to be fearful and feel in need of protection. The main thing we need to protect ourselves against, however, is not the modest domestic threat from terrorists, but a new king, a unitary executive that has taken the law for its own, aided and abetted by the courts, supported by a powerful national security state, and unopposed by a riven and weakened Congress.
  • Unemployed Politicans White House Room

    This is a looped video of a mock up White House Oval Office / Press Briefing Room. follow links: [|||] [|||]
  • Inside : Outside Exhibit

    2015 || Creative Alliance Main Gallery || Inside / Outside: Christopher Kojzar & Oletha DeVane October 10 – November 28, 2015 Curator’s Statement Inside | Outside is the culmination project for Creative Alliance resident artist, Christopher Kojzar. An interdisciplinary artist currently in his third year of residency, Kojzar explores drawing, fiber arts, animation, video, and installations, and recently began the 3-year Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
  • Inside : Outside Exhibit (Window Detail)

    Blueprints || Found Materials || Wood || LED Lighting ||| Liberal societies are characterized by a system of checks and balances that are supposed to limit state power. Transparency is thus seen as crucial to the liberal enterprise as a site for “empowerment” of citizens who seek to limit the powers of the state. Transparency is more than an ethical goal; it is the mechanism through which institutional documentation is made visible to ensure the proper functioning of liberal government.
  • Inside : Outside Exhibit ( 2nd Window Detail)

    Found Materials, Looped Video, & Mixed Media
    Found Materials || Looped Video || Mixed Media ||| The viewer stands inside a construct of the Oval Office while looking out the windows to see shattered miniature homes and looped videos of an empty White House Oval Office and Press Room. Several other pieces inform a relation between identity and the trapped sense of our state.
  • Anonymy

    Anonymy is a short film that played in the windows. It is actualized from real life events. The purpose of this film is to bring awareness to the phenonoma surrounding ‘drug mules’ and PROPOSES a discussion on the instances when women take on such roles. Excluding the interrogation of Misses. Reid and Connelly, all visual material is created and produced solely by the filmmaker. All audio is engineered by Mr. Christopher Kojzar
  • A quote by Angela Davis

    “Unemployed Politicians” is a room sized installation that I created in response to the writing of Angela Davis, whereby she is quoted to say that “this country needs more unemployed politicians.” The piece is an interpretation of censorship, the power of citizenry, and the ‘conditions’ of the American dream.

Working Studio I (2015)

I am passionate about what shapes class, labor and economic heritage. It gives me a platform to examine myself in the social fabric of America. My family is Black American and first generation Czech asylum seekers so I am influenced with very disparate views of this country. In my practice, mixed media and video are fused together to create installations. Videos project on the environment in order to visualize an ongoing interaction between the walls and the hanging woven sculpture. Drawing and photo collage compliment original videos of people performing everyday tasks.

These visual elements mesh with my mediations over self discovery as I weave together image and design with video. My intention is to join any common threads that perpetuate ‘-isms’ of everyday systems and practices such as materialism, fatalism, or pluralism. The work address lapses of the capitalist structure and the semiotic nature of doing and non-doing. Behavior that makes the ‘suit’ go to the job and the personal history that provokes a distancing from the ‘self’ towards meme gentrification. Conceptually, I consider how labor is happening because there is a disassociation between work and consumer culture that interest me, especially in light of “product” and the nuances of class. How and Why do we buy into cultural norms are questions I intend to address in my work. More essential is who has control of the images that shape our behaviors and society.

The democratization of art as imagery, video, and performance influences my philosophy on appropriation, sharing, and the value of original material. I consider the Internet to be a source for the readymade video as well as grounds for new art. In this context, I place both appropriation and original work in values of non-art, anti-art, or art as documentation and consider art as an ordinary reality diluted by its own heritage. Therefore, appropriation becomes my process of heritage and relegates my studio practice to daily experiences and the momentary natures of ‘art’ and ‘life’ and correspondingly, ‘having’ and ‘losing’.

  • Studio Installation I

    effort - deconstruct the meaning of a canvas - I don't even use canvas anymore just because it's a product of the European sailcloth. Art on cotton, hemp, synthetic material - all parameters. no more rectalinear canvases. no more drawings on squares. Next step: get away from the standards
  • Panorama of Studio

    It's dark in here and I'm still trying to decipher the meaning of all my imagery. I'm keeping this section simple
  • Walking Animation

    On the walls, in other installations, one of my favorite animations because of its simplicity. A friend did a better job by making a thousand little running Jeffries that fall when a sound is made.
  • Children Playing in a Fountain

    1. Clean the fountain thoroughly every one to three months, depending on the size of your fountain. 2. Place the fountain in a shady location. 3. Fill the fountain with fresh water. 4. If your fountain doesn't have any plants or fish, add a few drops to a capful of bleach to keep the water clear and clean.
  • Young Dancer

    FYI: He's dancing to Beyonce's "Formation"
  • Hands Imagery

    I'm feeling trapped. This is a recurring image in the installation. One of my first photocollages. |||| ||||||||||¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯|||||||||||||
  • We will Rise

    As a multi-disciplinary artist, I relegate my subject matter to multiple narratives. The democratization of imagery influences my philosophy on appropriation, sharing, and the value of original material. I found this emblem on a church floor while in Spain. Photomontage is my foundation to break apart conventions.
  • Studio Techniques

    Just watch. It's really boring. In fact, I'm no Bob Ross.
  • Studio Visit - Working the loom

    Enlisting friends and possibly others to work with me in the studio. Stealing ideas from El Anatsui. Not as boring a video.
  • Virtual Tour (Experimentation)

    360 degree video. Up the resolution to get a better look at me playing with projections. Probably one of the most gratifying experiments of the fall. Put on VR goggles to watch. Scroll over the video with your mouse if you're watching it on your computer

Sound of Plastic Installation

Melting to the sound of plastic.

Music made by people • Loud devices • Luxury goods • Cheap entertainment • Fast pop • Kitty-o • Analog mind control • Drug mouth • Addiction digital • Park heights • Repent Tokyo • Latex • Upsurging • Bella roma • Cartwheels • Downtown sound down in Hollywood • Dollar bills • Big teeth

Melting to the sound of plastic

White skin • Clone genius twin • Arts industrial • King of kings • Rise robots rise • Artificial bliss • Pentagon • Fornicate • Psycho fate • Disgust demento beauticate • Top hats • Top cats • VIP connected • Superstar • Million-dollar disco • Padded balcony • Fame • Fame

Melting to the Sound of Plastic

Electric shock • Dracula • Ectoplasm • Dead boyfriend • Duty free • Propaganda • Young go-go-go-goo-goo • New generation • Moscow dancer • Filthy habits • Delicate • Hangovers • Serotonin • Subversive • Artificial Bliss • Perhaps transparent •

Melting to the sound of Plastic

Ear pimp • Ultra beauty female pose • Moon struck • Wow! • 666 • Boots n cats • B.A.R.K.

  • Sound of Plastic

    Everything is archaic. Paper is relic, fax machines are a thing of the past. Goodwill won't even take tube televisions. Four male secretaries (executive assistants), one executive (woman)
  • Inspiration for a kickass drawing

    Specific Observable Traits: crosses eyes after eating; ruffles forearm hair when reading; tilts head after sipping drink; clips toenails at dinner table; writes with spoon; examines toes with legs crossed; reaches extra hard to pinch someone’s body; fakes a laugh at loving remarks; hold lips together for 10 seconds after swallowing beverage; peers thru peepholes and windows in similar fashion; rolls up pantlegs when preparing meal; dresses barbie dolls with rubber bands; opens drawers to find cocaine instead of silverware
  • The Office

    2015 || Mutli-channel video || Performing : Devin Greene, Nate Parsons, Scott Miller, Ashley Kalina, Keith Becraft. The team has to decide a new name for their beverage so they can launch their marketing campaign. This is their new office. This is where the magic happens. Subliminal messaging isn't really important but popularity is.
  • Crunch Juice - The Ad Campaign

    "Enter a name to get a personalized bottle" "Are you pouring on the pounds?" "Taste it" "Open Happiness" "Keep Calm and Drink" "Yeah, it taste that Good" -- Soft Drink. Low Involvement Purchase and Brand Personality
  • You make me Crunch

    Are natural and organic foods the same? No, although organic foods are natural by definition, The term"natural"applies broadly to foods that are mininally processed and free of synthetic preservatives ; artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and other artificial additives ; growth hormones; antibiotics ; hydrogenated oils ; stabilizers ; and emulsifiers . Most foods labeled natural are not subject to government controls beyond the regulations and heath codes that apply to all foods.
  • Three's Company. Four's Party

    In the American food market, labels have proliferated. We have organic, natural (whatever that means), gluten-free, lo-fat, and a variety of others whatever marketers think will help distinguish their products from others, and sell more of them at the same time. Now we have a battle between purveyors of organic foods and those whose foods aren't organic, but contain no genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients.
  • So Good it Hurts
  • Refresh Yourself

    That space, which is the one we often call “the wild,” was never quite as innocent of our influence as we like to think; the Mohawks and Delawares had left their marks on the Ohio wilderness long before John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed) showed up and began planting apple trees. Yet even the dream of such a space has become hard to sustain in a time of global warming, ozone holes, and technologies that allow us to modify life at the genetic level—one of the wild’s last redoubts.
  • Ah! Zing! Pow! Crunch!

    I do not eat at McDonald’s anymore (lie). There are those late nights when I am coming home and I round the corner to a 24-hour McDonald’s located but a mile from my house. Sometimes, I just crave for a quarter pounder with cheese, but it is not so much a craving as it is a conviction, a duty to eat McDonald’s. The ‘burger’ reignites some sense of security that is otherwise lost at 2 in the morning. One needs a McDonald’s fix at least once in a blue moon to keep the ‘dream’ alive. The dream is obscure. It is ill-defined. It is based on past intuition that fried cheese equals happiness.
  • Taste Adventure

    McDonald's operates 36,615 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 420,000 people. Thanks Wikipedia

On "Working"

The North American Day


wake up before the alarm. Fuck! My dreams need ten more minutes!


the glorious piss, coffee, breakfast, find lost keys, wash face, take vitamins, say thanks, goodbye, hello to news & day. Where did I leave my body? Oh yeah, it’s still in bed.


Shoot, I’m gonna be late for work. I hope there’s no traffic. Thank God I have enough gas. Do I have enough gas? Let me forget about gas.


Drive pass one of the following: (a) a homeless person, (b) kids walking to school, © police men, (d) runners who may/may not be independently wealthy (e) clouds and lottery billboards, (f) construction workers.


Put work shoes on in car. Finish coffee. Smile crooked. Remember the person I hate most at work and that will be the first person I must work with. Passions on communications skills.




Relief swells to pride in having a job. Person I hate then tries to micromanage my sanity. Patience is a virtue. Vesuvius Top will blow at 9:25


A break in the day. Coffee jitters and daydreams about Italy. Disgusting sugary snacks tempt my fat cells.


Ignore onslaught of essential phone calls, texts, and emails that shape my identity and my smartphone.


Respond to one essential text or email about overdue bills, weekend, doctor appointment, child / spousal indemnification, jury duty.


Work/Play hard and alert. The best hour ever $pent.


Adrenaline says I’m not hungry. Thought of food makes me sick.


Stomach acid noshes at my intestinal tract. My body wants something incredibly junky or a salad the size of Zanzibar.


Meager attempt at alone time. A shade of blue casts over eyelids.


Coffee, short attention spans, and memories about being 3. No time to burp.


One word:PRODUCTIVE (synonyms)–creative,useful,prolific,“I”in industrious, fruitful, dynamic. DESTRUCTIVE ( the Applicable Antonym for same time frame. Be sure to add on fifteen minutes)


Disgust about going home. Vain hope for exercise.


Spend two and a half hours regurgitating minutiae from the morning.


Catch up on 9:50 agenda. Thankful to be driving opposite of traffic. Gas is expensive. Talk radio makes me cry.


Arrive at Zen (aka a drink)


Some form of media or entertainment. Be around someone with a warm heart. Have a laugh. The Timeless Hour.


Shower, shit, n shave (Applicable to pre 5:20 AM)


Ugh, it’s almost ten o’clock. What happened to nine o’clock? I’m relieved to still be awake.


Some form of gratification




There’s my body!


This bed is dirty.


I’m so clean. Something in me feels dirty. What’s that sound?


Inglorious bladder call. Is someone knocking at my door?


There is someone at my door. I don’t care, come in, I just need five minutes and I’m ready.


Existential Crisis?

  • Citizenship

    Over three hundred people representing fifty-five countries are waiting to be awarded their United States citizenship. I'm in Vienna, Virginia. My friend for sixteen years is orginally from South Korea. He came to this country when he was thirteen. Now after all that time, he will become a US citizen. He will have the right to vote in this country. This is one of the biggest days of his life.
  • We shed vetements to be cultured professionals

    I walked in from the sun and left in the rain. Righteously Mad at myself and the Office of Internal Revenue. The woman on the phone said to bring an ID and money to the third floor of 31 Hopkins Place. I’m behind on my dues for taxes, not federal, but state. I have an envelope that contains $5,000.
  • Moneygram

    The ATM machine between the entrance and lobby of the building picks up my chin and requests my glare. $5,000 dollars. I borrowed the money from my father to come here. My driver’s license expires in two weeks and the Maryland Dept. of Motor Vehicles dictates that I must pay 60% of my accrued interest, fines, and overdue balance in order to renew the ID card.
  • Home Depot I

    Paying my taxes insures that I drive legally. ‘I hate driving, I don’t even want a car’ ‘I leave for New Orleans in two and a half weeks to work on a television production show for five months’ ‘I am smarter than all these people.’ The government as an aggregate. Thoughts that roll through my head as I ride up the elevator to the third floor. The Cashier’s Office.
  • Home Depot II

    This is the second time I’ve been in this room. I write my name on a clipboard in front of a woman who sits behind an archaic cash register. I drop the pen and slouch into one plastic subwayesque chair. I am aware that the seats smell like newlyweds, wannabe rappers, and Hispanics. A young child bats a weak balloon on his sister’s leg while his elbow jibs at my waist. “Quit touching that man!” his mother scolds, to which I reply, “It’s Alright,” knowing damn well that in any given context it is not alright. I wanna glare at his mom for reducing me to a “that man”.
  • Acupuncture

    Then I remind myself. SINGLE, DEPENDENT, OVERDUE, NONVETERAN, NO W-2s in six years. That man. "Sharlita Jones!" The teller calls. Sharlita gets up with her children and I proceed to wonder where the windows are and why I have a Nickelodeon magazine in my hand.
  • Maury Welding

    The average man has enough fat in him to make 7 bars of soap, enough iron to make a medium-sized nail, enough sugar to fill a shaker, enough lime to whitewash a chicken coop, enough phosphorus for about 2,220 match tips, and enough magnesium for a dose of magnesia.
  • Tanneries

    Twenty men stand watching the tanners / Liming the hides of the raw skin / Where water gleams yellow and red / Driving the blades of their knives / Unhairing and scudding for the smooth leather / Wiping sweat off their with their bandanas. / The tanners work on // Pausing // to pull their sandals out of the suckholes where they slosh. / Of the twenty looking on / Ten murmur, “O, it’s a hell of a job.” / Ten others, “Jesus, I wish I had a job.”
  • The Foundry (photo document)

    In the "Drawings & Mixed Media" section, the piece titled "The Foundry" was inspired by this photograph and other memories. While working on televsion shows, I often shot quick photos with my cell phone just to document people as they worked or waited to work. Every once in a while, a Production Assistant would be schooling Producers on how to do their job.
  • The Fishermen

    ><(((('>~~~*\o/~~~~~~ ><(((('>~~~~~~><(((('>~~~~~~ ><(((('>

People and the Places they Pride (Baltimore Series)


Dear Monique,

Last week was Open Studio here at my flat. Right before I was about to pack everything up and shut my doors, a man walked in and introduced himself as Ron. It’s funny how certain situations assure you that you're leading a life worth living.

Ron's son died in a plane crash six or seven years ago. His name was also Ron. Ron Jr. had gotten his pilot license and was flying a Cessna over the Rockies when the plane went down .

Four years ago, I did a watercolor of a plane crashing over the mountains of a make believe town. I considered the painting dark and unappealing so I stuck it in my portfolio so it would never see the light of day. I made a couple of horrible prints of the original and only recently pulled one out for the Open Studio. The print was blanched and the intensity was a fraction of the original watercolor. The marksmanship had been muted by the effects of reproduction, but I decided that I could try and sell it given the off chance that it might lend to someone's taste. I didn’t think much of it.

Last week was also the anniversary of Ron Jr.'s death. Ron had walked into my studio and, most assuredly, had his son on his mind. He rummaged through the prints and found the one of the plane crashing over the mountains. He rushed up to me and told me that he had to have the print. I said it was his, as long as I could come to his house and drop off a better copy. He allowed it and demanded that I call him the next day or he’d be extremely offended. Ron is an eccentric man, and I decided it imperative that he deserved a phone call. It wasn't until I called that he told me of his son's death. When we ended our conversation, I remembered I had the original.

I did not tell him, though, until I came to his home yesterday. I spent hours trying to print a better copy, and at the last minute decided it’d be best if Ron had the original. He decided to buy it for the price I asked for: $500. It was the first real sale I had of my work and the first time I took myself seriously as an artist. I rely now on the fact that I produce pieces not for myself, nor for a greater good, but for the mere emotional interaction I hope to ignite between my work and the onlooker. I hope this make sense. It's how I begin my career as an artist in Baltimore.

Today is different.


  • Upton Mansion

    Shodekeh started this series for me. He's a talent and an activist. We happened upon the Upton Mansion because he felt that the history of the place needed to be told. I'm now glued to watching stories develop on buildings like this one.
  • Liberty Rec and Tech Center

    Whoever doesn't know Kim Trueheart is in the dark. When I found out about her, I heard all the notorious parts: getting kicked out of City Hall / protesting in front of Rite-Aid. Liberty Rec and Tech? That's where she does most of her activism. That's her heart and drive.
  • Kind Woman feeds cats at an abandoned Gas Station

    Yeah, it's different. We drove to the abandoned gas station for different reasons. I was testing my new camera and she was feeding cats. It's definitely part of the process. (360 video)
  • UA Headquarters during Lunch (360 degree video)

    It's a culture, what can I say. It's a campus. It's Port Convington. It's a hiring of Devin Allen. It's rumors of investments in West Baltimore. I dunno I'm just slightly interested in what this place is and the people that walk out of the building during lunch hour. I don't know much but I need a key fob to go into the cafeteria.
  • West Baltimore Resident

    Elaine has lived in this home for forty years or more. And when you open the door, you must understand that it's an original knob. It's was installed by her husband when they first moved into the home. You often find little notes of beauty in this town
  • Poppay's Bakery

    The Avenue Bakery. It's a spot where you can pick up a tiny sweet potato pie anytime of the year. The waiting area is an exhibit for the Penn Ave. Heritage Trail
  • Penn Ave Heritage Trail There's not much listed on the web, but when there's a nice day go for a walk in West Baltimore on the Penn. Ave Heritage Trail. There is a history here and people are committed to keeping that history alive.
  • Royal Theater

    The Royal Theatre, located at 1329 Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland, first opened in 1922 as the black-owned Douglass Theatre. It was the most famous theater along West Baltimore City's Pennsylvania Avenue, one of a circuit of five such theaters for black entertainment in big cities. Its sister theaters were the Apollo in Harlem, the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., the Regal Theatre in Chicago, and the Earl Theater in Philadelphia. All of the biggest stars in black entertainment, including those in jazz and blues, performed at the Royal.
  • Penn Ave Heritage Trail Architecture

    Maybe it's just futurism seeping into my head
  • Sharp Street Methodist Church

    The building maintenance manager let me in that day. The place was quiet but full of color.


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You gotta be strong before you create. Ten photocollages from a series of daily posts on Instagram [|||||] Poems in a rigid 5/7/5 syllable stanza form. Written on my phone when I couldn't take photos or draw. Somewhat cryptic for readers but a form of memory recall for yours truly.

Granted a signal From his finger, he exploits. The hardest of ice. [|||] As John walked away, Rona delayed her response. "Who's in charge?" Food spills. [|||] Likely story. "Bye!" The hypocrite smiled n waved. Somber moments die. ​ [|||] "you must be someone." Tom, hesitant to walk through, sheds celebrity. [|||] Chauffeuring celebs, I latched on to French discourse. French plates. Make up caked. [|||] All a kid knows. Drive. The old man sat in the rear. The pleasant smell. Rose. [|||] You all need a large An extra large? And I walked. Security shorts. [|||] Coming and going, there's less and less of him around - to be sure (v.) [|||] Take sheets from a book and love puzzles, pens, and glue. Amir sends re•quests [|||] Sending an invite, Jordan tampered with my bout. "Come, come! To LA..." [|||] And she said to me, "You're the one who's subletting!" Dwelled within, with outs. [|||] Lifting a cooler, Sarah released, smiled, And spat,"Good for company." [|||] A gallery stands by its owner and/or works in stunt publicity. ​ [|||] Muslim character Who does terrorist attacks. A great comic strip. [|||] Literally. Please Footnote that in a painting And spell it with force. ​ [|||] When picking your nose The street corner hood rat knows That you wave to see. Trying tit for tat When getting to know someone Pouty shutterbug.

  • Walking

    [|||] Waking up at four. Morning aromas amount To sunrise and shoes. [|||] Artists hum bdays. Nurses swoon to Jeopardy. Sighs go down the drain [|||] Adults speak as kids. Kids sing words like melody. Distant breaths seek homes [|||] A glare in a glance. An hag caresses my pants. Get me thru the Greeks [|||] We smile for being. She feeds me a kiss to breathe. They happen to glance. [|||] We tend to problems. And number days with sorrow. Juicy cries emerge [|||] Swimming in water, The Aussie called out, hey fish! The whale ate them all. [|||]
  • Burlesque

    Tupperware all lost, and Thanksgiving with mom's friend. Tops are at grandmas [|||] The Simpsons in French. Marge is a bit defensive. Homer, prophetic. [||] While eating some eggs, My best friend says he's a girl. I crack with a smile [|||] At a foreclosed house, We load cynder blocks for use. To drive plants to grow [|||] two guys making frames, Collaborating for fun. Cell phones bring loud tunes.
  • Beach

    Walking thru WalMart, The shopper scans the aisles. All striped and colored. [|||] Munching down on cheese. The radio plays Dougie. A simple cash dance [|||] Eating an apple, He drops the core on the floor. Still driving, mouth moves. [|||] Driving on the bridge, I stare out at the water. The sun's my motor [|||] Blinker on his bike, The motorist veers off-road. Death and a goodbye.
  • Bench

    Passing by Wendy's, The blond woman gets chicken. A scratch-off: lick it. [|||] Approaching stoplights, I fail to look at traffic. Engines purr with fees [|||] Out of the toll booth, He hands so many receipts. A fat woman eats [|||] Crossing the Bay Bridge, Semis prowl over cruise ships. Skunk exhaust lingers [|||] Hearing boats fume smoke, Those higher struggle to breathe. Endless gasping birds.
  • Planes n Stuff

    Sipping old coffee, Teenagers get into cars. They are mental! Cray... [|||] Silverware arranged, The cook stepped over the stove. Oatmeal gathered mold [|||] Afternoon at brunch, Joe said to his wife, "Drink up!". Bloody Mary tab. [|||] Reading the paper, The garbage man ate the ground. You reap what you throw [|||] Keeping her distance, Pa drove up the hill slowly. Grand prix SUV [|||] Shuffling loose papers, Grandpa found overdue bills. Bliss to be concerned [|||]
  • Food Love

    Chugging some water. The voice in my head said, "Stop!" Only fools rush in. [|||] Shaking in his boots, Hitler backed into a cell. Atomic surprise. [|||] Finding cigarettes Gave Gil's body a reason To mimic distress. [|||] Unloading his truck, Harris unhitched cardboard twigs. Hats off, wipe that brow. [|||] Riding her skateboard, Angel hit a block and jumped. She got right back on. [|||] Distant voices boom, "Go! Go! Go!" The race begins! Whips you into shape. [|||]
  • Before Brooklyn

    "All aboard!" He shouts. Two of us perk up our heads. Chickens in disguise [|||] During a pass play, The quarterback sees small fish. Going all the way [|||] Swimming in cornfields, The groom peeled hats off mermaids. Olympic farming [|||] "Ask me why," she barked. He replied, "For what reason?" Marriage, spirit, muse. [|||] Cutting a circle, Joe kept a manicured lawn. Insane preparing. [|||] Figuring on health, She fed her kid sugar beets. Waves of milk recede [|||]
  • Facades

    [|||] Cali Hispanics Taught themselves a new dry mouth. Work-study Spanish [|||] Salute to the sea. And the gadfly took its stride. So small the cherub [|||] On a windy night, Billy's chauffeur honked his horn. Certainly depressed. [|||] As warm as they were, Bell knew her stocking would tear. A lick of summer. [|||] Taking out his list, He noticed unchecked boxes. Ways to shine today [|||] Sending home the bill, Jax complained about money. At least it's raining. [|||]
  • Church

    He danced in the street. The medics laughed and pointed. Who waits for the bus? [|||] "There was a day whe--." Cut, pause. "Can we roll again?" On the fly we sail [|||] I thought rims were out. Chuck tilts his white shades and spits, "Greed is for honkeys." [|||] Zapping my head thru, O how I saw sparks proceed. Electric boogey [|||] Heating the kettle, Jen kept an ear on the ads. Black, dark, vision, heart [|||] Flattery gets none. Be sure when looking at her. Compliment a blouse. [|||]
  • tankwalk

    "Shhhh, light the candles.""Don't look at me, Im Irish." Paranoid? The frills. [|||] Step into the sea. Two tourists swept by questions. The news spews riots [|||] "That one about sauce, Tell me that one grandma, please?" Just her drawl, white lies. [|||] Please leave a piece here. And the door opened for him. Let go, I'm your grind. [|||] eat epicius, You're supposed to entertain, Broke but never starved. [|||] It just so happens That creepers are in the crowd. Gawkers are basic. [|||]

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