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I studied fine art at the Silvermine College of Art in New Cannan, Connecticut, received a BFA in photography from the Maryland Institute Colllege of Art and did graduate work at MICA with an emphasis in graphic design. I taught fine art photography at the University of Maryland University College for six years overlapped with six years as full time faculty teaching all levels of photography and design in the Graphic Design Department of the University of Maryland, College Park. Teaching for a... more

Landscapes of the Mind

These photographs are part of a larger series of landscapes.

The images here are of places I have never been, but I knew they existed somewhere. They are photographs taken in automotive junkyards re-imagined as credible landscapes.

Redefining what is believable was the journey. Each is an allegory, a landscape of one's mind.


Do we ever fully comprehend the genesis of war~
do we engage it to unite us or divide us furthermore?
By definition war has little to proffer,
its clarity of purpose resides in the eye of the beholder.
Spectators in their carriages out to view the battle clash
as generals perform maneuvers, as in a game of chess.
War becomes a theatre- players are vanquished on its stage-
we must exalt the action to justify the carnage.
Are wars only waged after careful deliberation, or,
are they also raged out of revenge and desperation?
Chaplains bless the rifles that they might fire straight
across the quiet cornfields into our brother's fate.
Should I question my creator? Whose right is it to say
that I may take a life...or that I must die today?
Our nation's fields and hollows awash in the horrors of death,
in the end over 600,000 would submit to blood soaked earth.
Few gallant statues to the foots soldiers who carried out the orders,
their unmarked graves, their corpses, ingloriously saved in archive photos.
The surrendering secessionists marched solemly hour after hour
flanked by union troops, at attention, to honor their courage and valor.
And when , at last surrender ended the unprecedented death toll
the common ground for both sides was devastation shared by all.

Jean D'Arcy

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