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                        VISIONARY ART, FISH AND DREAMs By Amy Abrams For artist Charles Lawrance, life began smack-dab in the middle of New York City’s art scene at Metropolitan Museum of Art, where his mother’s water broke; a perfect start for this prodigy of painting. Charles was one of those brainiac kids rendering medieval warriors and dinosaurs, as well as winning art awards, while his peers drew stick figures alongside lopsided houses with one line of smoke curling from the chimney. Unlike... more

Oliver Garden Mural

Mural on block and concrete in Acrylic. 70ft x35ft
Commitioned by B.O.P.A. and the Oliver nieghborhood of Baltimore City.
Design and concept and painting by Charles Lawrance.
Painting assistant and video by Mark Korsack

Box Turtle Mural

Exterior acrylic on brick. 70ft x 35ft Belair rd Baltimore city.
Straight forward nature for the people of the city to view .
Commissioned by B.O.P.A. and Belair Edison nieborhood.

Fresh Fish

Falls Rainbow , winter 2011
Acrylic on board, 28"x20"
Thrilling depiction of a leaping Rainbow trout admist a Montana landscape.
The never ending fish tales and paintings are from travels and looked at and studied in there enviroments and on the line..


Bonnie Woods , Acrylic on canvas,72"x 64"
The light in late afternoon in a NY forest near my sister Bonnie's home.
Walk on in.
There are places were the body travels and revels in the beauty of this planet and the sense of place is recorded.

Up Close nature

Green BuddyOil on canvas .16"x12"Portriat of american green frog from frog perspective in its duckweed topped pond.Up Close NatureThe variety of fish and birds and animals range from around the world.


Skull Daddy ,Oil on canvas 30"X30"  Red but not dead and showing how eyes can hold the soul and life of a portrait.The group as a whole was a shift for me to unnatural colors of red and a contemporary subject matter.

Eve 2012

Oil on canvas. 60"x36" representing a surreal figuretive concept of the dawning of humanity.

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