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Oil on canvas 36"x36" 2017


Oil on canvas 16"x14" 2013


Oil on canvas 48"x48" 2017

Saffron Robe 300dpi.jpg

Oil on canvas 30"x36"


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Baltimore City

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Carol Miller Frost originally from Philadelphia, received her MFA in 1986 from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD.  She taught at Loyola University for twenty seven years and was director of the Julio Fine Arts gallery for six years exhibiting local, regional and west coast artists.    Her latest exhibitions include: "Perception Of Light", Loyola University Julio Fine Arts Gallery, Baltimore MD 2016, "Shifting Light", C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore MD, 2014; "... more

Shifting Light

The play of shadows from light streaming in three large windows on the south side of my studio located in an old textile mill have strongly influenced these paintings.

I have been exploring painting in a reductive manner by limiting my palette to monochromatic color. Layers of muted grayed down hues appear to be absorbed into the canvas with some edges that dissolve into each other and some that are hard.

The idea that light has a presence and thingness to it intrigues me.

My body feels the light the moment it touches me--before I touch it.

The air knows when the light enters.

The light know when the air does.

I hope that my work transcends the physical qualities of the painting as the viewer looks into the space. It is not purely minimal but involves a range of optical and psychological effects. It is a personal reflection of my experiences of things known and unknown, a negotiation between emotion and the intellect.

Body Work

Notions About Space

The ambiguous spatial effect of land, sea and sky merging together on the farms of Prince Edward Island lead to drawings and paintings of circles flattened into spheres.

Charcoal and Oil Bar Drawings

Line Drawings

Drawing has always been a part of my studio practice. It is a visual way of thinking about an idea but also an entity unto itself.

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