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Work Samples

Jean Cedric Sow

2016 (Watercolor, pen, pencil, acrylic & white charcoal)

The Party

2015 (pen, watercolor & acrylic on paper)

Birds of Prey

2016 (pen, pencil, watercolor & acrylic on paper)

The Musicians

2014 (pen, watercolor, acrylic & white charcoal on paper)


About Britt

Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

Britt Law is a visual artist/illustrator who uses traditional mediums to craft images that are simultaneously whimsical and macabre. Colorful characters, frequently subverting traditional gender roles and representation, exist in backdrops from various time periods to create a modern fairy-tale like atmosphere. 

Works (2012 - 2016)

Various pieces that I've done throughout the years.

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