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Paradise Beach

oil painting, sunset painting, sunset, ocean, waves, beach painting, paradise, tropical
This is a 24x30 in. painting on canvas. I really wanted to capture the movement of the water and waves in this painting. The movement was very important to me, as I wanted it to feel as though the viewer were physically experiencing the solitude of the beach. Light was another element of this piece that I focused on; unifying the painting to create a feeling of romanticism and realism.I first began with several washes of colors for the sky and blended them together.


oil painting, sunset painting, sunset, ocean, waves, beach painting, paradise, tropical, peace
This is a 18x24 inch oil landscape on canvas.I painted the water at an angle to create an interesting and compelling composition with placement. I also wanted to create a sense of balance by choosing the placement of elements. I created the sky using vibrant warm colors, while being mindful to capture the brightness of the sun reflecting on the water. I used small brushes and a dappling technique to capture the splashing wave in the foreground. The contrast of neutral and warm colors provides a feeling of tranquility.

Sight and Sound of Paradise

oil painting, sunset painting, sunset, ocean, waves, beach painting, paradise, tropical
This is a 24x30 inch oil painting on canvas, where I focused on capturing the movement of the water and dramatization and energy of the waves. I used a variety of colors such as lime green, yellow, purple, and red to create an abstract sky. I then added additional elements to the composition such as birds and rocks to create a more balanced painting and depth.


oil painting, sunset painting, sunset, ocean, waves, beach painting, paradise, tropical
This is a 18x24 inch oil landscape on canvas. I wanted to create a surreal representational painting to depict the feeling of Paradise. I aimed to create the abstraction in the sky through the direction of brush strokes and bright colors. I also incorporated the flying birds, creating distinct patterns in the sky. While I did display a feeling of abstraction, depth was also a focus such as the birds getting smaller as they moved towards the sun and the rocks painted smaller in the background.


About Britnie

Baltimore City

Britnie Walston's picture
Britnie Walston is a versatile artist and photographer, capturing energy through bold color, movement, and texture. As a result, she strives to make the painting an experience for the viewer.  The use of exaggerated brushstrokes and abstract color give her paintings life and voice. Her landscapes and abstract work consist of a variety of unconventional techniques to capture the elements portrayed. One of the most used techniques in her abstract paintings, is the method of mixing each... more

Wonderful World of Fluid Painting!

About a year ago, I came across a new method of painting, known as fluid painting or as some may even refer to as pour painting. I love the fluid painting process because it allows me to experiment with so many different techniques and chemicals. The possibilities of this process are so endless and the free nature of it, allows me to also be innovative in what and how I use things. This is a project that I've greatly enjoyed!

There are so many processes included with this method of abstract painting varying from the dirty pour technique, flip cup, floating cup, and even using a sink strainer! The dirty pour painting technique is used by mixing each color individually and then pouring each color one by one in any rotation into one big cup. The surface of the canvas is then placed on top of the cup, and while holding the cup and canvas together, they are both flipped over.

Afterwards, the cup is lifted off revealing an unpredictable but yet beautiful design produced naturally by the paint in reaction to the chemicals mixed in with it. A blow torch is then used to bring out circular designs, caused by the reaction of acrylic paint with silicone known as "cells". The dirty pour is done in a similar way, only the big cup of paint isn't flipped; it's simply poured onto the canvas. There are also other techniques I've gradually developed and experimented with over time, and still do. I hope you enjoy viewing a snippet of my process!

Here are some of the chemicals and materials I use when creating fluid paintings:

  • Canvases
  • Pouring Medium
  • Floetrol
  • Silicone
  • Sink Strainer
  • Palette Knife
  • Heat It Tool
  • Blow Torch
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Printing Ink
  • Toothbrush

New BNW Art Youtube Channel!

I recently began a new Youtube channel where I upload content displaying my painting processes, "how to" art projects, artist hacks, and informational art videos.

  • Pouring A Small Sunburst Fluid Acrylic Painting with Strainer

    This is a video of me demonstrating the fluid painting process completed with a sink strainer. This painting is also for sale on my website.
  • My Promotional Art Video!

    This was my first promotional art video, showcasing some of my best work ranging from landscapes to fluid paintings. This video was a collaboration between me and Travis Moffatt (the video editor and filmer).
  • How to pour paint for fluid painting, Swirl painting technique

    This is a video of me showing my process of the dirty pour method for one of my previous fluid paintings, which happens to also be on sale on my website!
  • My Informational Vid on How To Build a Successful Art Business

    This was an extensive project that I decided to put together that was very personal to me, in which I talked about how to build a successful art business after working 9-5 jobs after college and knowing your worth as an artist and person. This video was compiled using a variety of thought out images and video clips. I then sat down an thought about how to deliver this information, and came up with a script based off of my own experiences and methods that worked for me. This was a long project but so worth it!
  • My Video on Top Great and Beneficial Reasons to Buy Original Art!

    This was a personal project that I worked on, with an objective to inform people why traditional art is still relevant and very much needed in our environment. I also talked about how supporting artists is important, and conveyed the idea of how much work and effort is put into traditional work. Even though many people may not realize the importance of having art in your environment, it is still a big thing to consider. Artwork is crucial to our mood, provides the ability to escape our world and self reflect, inspires us, and even has the potential to bring out our creativity as well.

Towson Arts Collective 11th Anniversary Members Exhibition 2018

Towson Arts Collective 11th Anniversary Members Exhibition was an art show featuring a variety of artwork from members of the Towson Arts Collective, a nonprofit art gallery in Towson MD. This art show was held at the Unicorn Gallery located at the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church. As a member, my two paintings, "Tranquility" and "Peace and Harmony" were featured.

Maryland Art Place Silent Art Auction 2018

I had the opportunity to display my work "Serenity" in April of 2018 at Maryland Art Place "Out of Order" auction. "Out of Order provided an opportunity for artists to hang their work in a salon-style exhibition. OOO is a unique way to get involved with Baltimore’s growing art scene while supporting one of Baltimore’s most established contemporary arts organizations. Art auction gave the opportunity for the public to view and bid on works from over 250 regional artists - from emerging and student artists to established professionals."

Senior Exhibition "Sensations of Landscape" 2013

As studio art majors, we were required to exhibit our work in our senior year of college in the Corrin Gallery. My show was titled "Sensations of Landscape". I collaborated with AnaEliza, who is also an artist and exhibited her show "Sacred" in 2013.

"Peaceful Mind" Solo Exhibition 2012

This was my solo exhibition titled "Peaceful Mind" that I displayed at the Meyerhoff Gallery at Goucher College in 2012. As the Fine and Performing Arts recipient, I had a solo exhibition in which I exhibited my collection of fantasy and oil landscape paintings, depicting a perfect world of paradise. This show was inspired by my childhood growing up on the Eastern Shore. Adjusting to the city life was very difficult for me, and there was a different way of life and culture shock. These included a fast paced lifestyle, new schoolmates, neighborhood, culture, and values. All was so new to me, relationships were different, and I often felt like a fish out of water, and like I could not relate at all.

My paintings displayed, focused on scenes that reminded me of the Eastern Shore and I wanted it to feel like the viewer could also revisit those places when viewing them. The paintings demonstrate the absence of human presence, which portrays the idea of humans being able to connect with nature. In the center of the gallery, I placed chairs at a small table with flowers in order to add the overall experience of what I was communicating through my work.

Britnie's Curated Collection

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