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Amon and Joyce

Friends and Family Images
Amon and Joyce

VA Beach

People and places I've loved...
Morning, VA beach.

Don Byron and Todd Marcus

Don Byron and Todd Marcus jamming.


About Brian

Howard County

Biography   Photographer: documentarian, architecture, portraits  - commencing 1977, Writer, editor – commencing 1977, Photographic educator commencing 1979, Chairperson, Department of Media Arts and Technologies – Montgomery College/Rockville Master of Science – Photography, Bachelor of Arts – Journalism. My photography has been an exploration of the human condition.  Farms, cities, international landscapes, the artifacts and architecture of humanity and the portraits of... more

The Musician's Project

The Musician's Project is a project that I have been involved with for the past couple of years. Returning to my roots photographing musicians, I have been documenting performances and jam sessions primarily in the Baltimore/Washington area. I received a sabbatical leave from teaching for the fall semester 2016 to devote myself to this ongoing project.

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