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Brian Henry is a self taught, experimental fine art photographer and explorer. His first camera came from money he earned blowing up balloons. While Brian Henry had won a few scholarships to attend art school, he chose to apply his money to his own unscripted, artistic journey. He has traveled up and down the East Coast of the U.S., as well as Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Brian Henry experiments using a variety of cameras and techniques but is most satisfied using old Polaroid cameras and expired... more


Human subjects, [more importantly: models], are something new to me. I've spent so much time studying light and composition in these abandoned buildings, it seemed that I needed to expand my thought process. I began using myself as a subject to blend myself in to a composed shot. I study my body's position and trying to understand how it can be used to 'properly' blend a human's form into a factory, mill, hospital, sanitarium etc...

Lost Places

There's something special to me about the Polaroid process. It's a very personal medium, almost secretive. The characteristics, tones and contrast of each film can give the subject a different mood, or enhance certain aspects of the photo. I've been using these films long enough to have a good understanding of what kind of effects I will get, or what kind of effects I can achieve by manipulating the process of each photo. You will often see me carrying around several different cameras and several different film types. When I study a subject, I am often visualizing it within the characteristics of each film type, before pressing the shutter.

  • Crippled

    Asylum. Impossible PX-600 FF Film
  • Boots

    Coal Breaker, PA Impossible PX-600 FF Film
  • Kirkbride

    Now demolished. Taunton, MA. Polaroid Time-Zero Film. SX-70
  • Kirkbride2

    Now demolished. Taunton, MA. Polaroid Time-Zero Film. SX-70
  • Downstairs

    Asylum. Polaroid 250 Camera ID-UV Film
  • Heaven

    Philadelphia. Mamiya Universal Polaroid Type ID-UV
  • Trashed

    Sanitarium; MD. Polaroid 'Fade To Black' Film SX-70 Camera
  • Skates

    Children's Hospital. Polaroid Type 600 SX-70 Camera

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